Moses to Head Croda Ethnic Program

Croda Inc. (Edison, N.J., USA) announced it has named Charles Moses as its research manager for ethnic products and hair color. For the past eight years, Moses was director of hair color for L’Oreal, where he oversaw the global development of new product launches. Prior to that, he worked at Conair as director of hair color and at Clairol in a variety of roles within research and development.

Croda Inc.'s president, Kevin Gallagher, said in a press statement, “With the addition of Charles Moses to this new position, Croda is able to take an important step forward in helping to supply hair color expertise for this important market segment.”

With the hiring of Moses, the company says its program is set to further expand and examine solutions for individuals from other ethnic groups, including those of Asian and Latin American descent. Key development areas will include: the protection of chemically treated hair, enhancements in look and feel of chemically treated hair, styling products for both natural and chemically treated hair and ingredients to improve moisturization.

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