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Symrise team, awarded by Jeb Gleason-Allured (far right), C&T and Global Cosmetic Industry
Symrise team, awarded by Jeb Gleason-Allured (far right), C&T and Global Cosmetic Industry

In 2024, just 39 Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) Allēs were awarded to top beauty innovations including active and base ingredients/blends, finished formulas, testing methods/tools, digital technologies and more. How does your innovation match up? Submit to the 2025 awards to find out. New categories for 2025 include prototype formulas and wellness innovations!

'It’s such a motivation to see the pace of this industry. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.'
—Marie Drago, Pharm.D., of Gallinée/Shiseido

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Presented by C&T and parent company Allured Business Media, the Allēs bring behind-the-scenes beauty innovation into the spotlight. Our recent C&T May edition celebrated these winners, sharing judges' feedback and reactions from winners themselves. Here's what they said...

C&T Allēs Judges' Feedback 

"It was a pleasure to judge the awards this year [2024]," wrote Marie Drago, Pharm.D., of Gallinée/Shiseido. "I was really amazed by the breadth of projects and the amount of true innovation. It’s such a motivation to see the pace of this industry – I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year."

"The participation of technologies and finished products has been very interesting because we have seen how the main trends generate innovation," John Jiménez, senior researcher, Belcorp, adds. "These awards will surely inspire and set trends in the industry."

"Cosmetic chemists today are tasked to deliver optimal formulations but also consider the supply chain and fate of the products after they leave the lab," Kelly Dobos, consultant and professor, University of Cincinnati, writes. "Stand-out submissions for the Allē Awards were not only technologically impressive, they also reflected the growing emphasis on sustainability, biotechnology and ethical sourcing."

Brightening, Lightening and Tightening Serum

"We are honored to receive this prestigious accolade for Serum 71," said Michael Q. Pugliese, CEO of Circadia. "At Circadia, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of skin care innovation. Serum 71 embodies our dedication to excellence by honoring my grandfather, Peter T. Pugliese, and his extensive contributions to the skin care industry and the Circadia brand. This award is a testament to the hard work and expertise of our team, and we are grateful for the recognition."

AI-driven Digital Tech to Predict Stability

Coptis U.S. TeamCoptis U.S. Team

"Coptis was honored to receive the C&T Allē Award in the Most Significant Digital Tech – B2B category for its Coptis Lab AI-driven PLM Stability Test Predictions module," the company wrote. "Launched in 2022, the AI R&D program integrated into Coptis LAB was developed with the objective of transforming the traditional approach to cosmetic formulation: predicting formula stability prior to testing. Leveraging this data-driven approach reduces the number of stability tests required, saving time and resources, and fostering greater innovation in cosmetics product development.

"This recognition comes at a particularly meaningful time for us, as 2024 marks Coptis’ 25th anniversary further emphasizing our enduring dedication to pioneering advancements within the industry. We are profoundly grateful to the C&T team for acknowledging our efforts, which motivates us to persist in pushing boundaries and revolutionizing the cosmetics industry."

Plastic-free Fluorescent Pigment

"DayGlo’s achievement with Elara Luxe pigments is nothing short of revolutionary," the company commented. "Crafted from natural plant proteins, Elara Luxe epitomizes a monumental advancement in eco-friendly color technology. Its fully biodegradable formulation sets an unparalleled standard for sustainability within the industry.

"Notably, Elara Luxe stands alone as the sole fluorescent pigment on the market that does not contribute to microplastic pollution, underscoring DayGlo’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. This remarkable feat is a testament to the relentless dedication and collaborative spirit of our R&D, marketing and manufacturing teams. Their tireless pursuit of excellence has not only elevated DayGlo’s reputation, but also paved the way for a brighter, more sustainable future in cosmetic color technology."

Copper Amino Isolate Lipid

DECIEM/NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Lipid 1%DECIEM/NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Lipid 1%

Alejandro Saldarriaga, applied research principal scientist, DECIEM, shared: "We are deeply grateful for the award. This award not only celebrates all the hard work from everyone who made CAIL 1% possible, but also recognizes DECIEM’s commitment to cosmetic innovation. We cannot wait to share what we have in store for the future!"

Natural Synergistic Preservative Blend

"Dermegen’s DermaCare NP was created to give everyone a clean, naturally derived phenoxyethanol-free alternative to synthetic and petroleum-based preservatives," the company wrote. "Our team of creatives recognized the limitations of current preservatives, whether being non-natural, having foul odors or lacking broad antimicrobial efficacy. They thus endeavored to create a natural alternative to current preservation systems that could have full spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness.

"Following years of work and many trials, the Dermegen team developed DermaCare NP, which contains technologies predominantly derived from biofermentation. Once we discovered how well it performed as an antimicrobial, it was evident we had a winner. Thank you to C&T and all our customers for embracing our technology."

Natural/Bio-derived GlacierMint Toothpaste

Lee Paler, owner of Earth & Body Wise, shared: "I want to thank Cosmetics & Toiletries for hosting the 2024 Allē Awards at the beautiful Biltmore in downtown Los Angeles! It was such an amazing industry event! Winning the Allē Award for Most Significant Formula-Indie Natural/ Bio-derived has been the pinnacle of my 30+ year career in R&D, product development and formulation within the personal care industry. It is humbling to have the accumulation of my lifetime of work recognized as significant and important. I want to thank my wife Christine and daughter Paige, and thank my extended family and my friends for all their encouragement and help making Earth & Body Wise GlacierMint Toothpaste not only a reality but a winner!!"

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Lipid Body Treatment: Science-based Skin Solution

"We are extremely honored to receive the Most Significant Natural/Bio-derived Formula award for our Epicutis Lipid Body Treatment," writes Maxwell Stock, president and CEO of Epicutis. "This recognition is a testament to Signum’s dedication to developing transformative, science-backed skin care solutions. Our Lipid Body Treatment represents the culmination of decades of research into lipid chemistry and skin barrier function, combining the moisturizing benefits of natural botanical extracts with our proprietary technology to dramatically improve the appearance of dry, loose and photodamaged skin. We are grateful for the tireless efforts of our R&D team to translate Signum’s groundbreaking insights in skin health into this uniquely effective formulation."

Microbiome-focused Hydration and Moisture

From L: Rachel Grabenhofer, C&T, with Jewel Lee and Christophe Toumit, Greentech USAFrom L: Rachel Grabenhofer, C&T, with Jewel Lee and Christophe Toumit, Greentech USA

"Greentech wants to thank the Cosmetic & Toiletries Allē Awards jury for honoring Holobiosys, our latest innovation, with the Microbiome Focus award, celebrating the novel approach to skin hydration and moisturization, dedicated to the care of both dehydrated and dry skin," the company stated. "As always, Greentech R&D found its inspiration from nature. It started with selecting a mountain plant – Gentiana lutea – and enhancing this plant extract by fermentation with a microorganism – Sphingomonas faeni – from the aerobiome, a unique microorganism able to survive in a cold and dry environment.

"A new approach in considering the skin and its microbiota as a whole, Holobiosys invigorates the skin holobiont to reinforce the skin barrier function, bringing hydration and lipid-replenishing effects to skin lacking both water and lipids. A huge thanks to Greentech R&D teams that once again conceptualized inspiration from nature into an innovative active cosmetic ingredient!"

Oral Biofilm Prevention

"I am honored to accept [this] 2024 C&T Allē Award," writes Ryota Takeuchi, Ph.D., of Ichimaru Pharcos Co., Ltd. "Milltect represents a significant milestone for both myself and Ichimaru Pharcos in the field of oral care. In the process, the basic research and development of test methods for oral cavity presented more challenges. Nevertheless, we consider it a notable achievement to introduce a novel concept of oral biofilm prevention, representing a novel approach to preventing oral cavity.

"With its effect to prevent biofilm formation, Milltect holds promise for increasing the effectiveness of conventional oral care products. We anticipate that as Milltect gains wider acceptance in the oral care market, it will pave the way for the creation of more effective oral care products."

Biodegradable Amino Lipid Hair Conditioning

"Beauty Accelerate was a perfect platform for Inolex to engage directly with brands and contract manufacturers and hear fresh insights and market strategies," the company commented. "The C&T Allē Awards seamlessly extended this connection and motivation. We are honored by the recognition of AminoSensyl Ultra MB as the Most Significant Base Ingredient for Hair and Scalp Care. This amino lipid ingredient provides breakthrough conditioning that’s easy on the ocean.

"AminoSensyl Ultra MB boasts being a readily biodegradable, nonquat, 100% natural technology that is gentle on the scalp, eyes and skin and is safe for aquatic environments. Its lamellar structure deeply moisturizes and strengthens a range of hair types and conditions, from straight to coily and healthy to damaged. Additionally, its pre-neutralized form allows for effortless formulation adjustments, ensuring flexibility in processing."

Natural Pro-collagen Ingredient

"We give sincere thanks to Cosmetics & Toiletries for the valuable recognition this Allē Award brings to Advanced Omega Complex, exclusively formulated by Natures Crops International (NCI)," CEO and Founder Andrew Hebard, NCI, shared. "Capturing unrivalled oxidative stability and superior emollience from meadowfoam seed oil combined with the most impactful and biologically advanced omegas from Ahiflower oil, this unique blend presents a great new pro-collagen ingredient for skin care formulators. Delivering natural, functional, 100% plant-based ingredients into skin care applications presents many challenges, especially when incorporating omega-3 and -6 with proven skin health benefits.

"Grown regeneratively and using only expeller pressing, NCI harnesses the cleanest, greenest and most transparent supply chain for plant-based ingredients with the latest technology supporting truly natural and sensory stable skin health formulations. For inquiries, please visit our distribution partner, Integrity Ingredients Corporation."

Niacinamide Complex for Pigmentation, Oil Control and Pore Reduction

PT Wahana Kosmetika Indonesia teamPT Wahana Kosmetika Indonesia team

"With great honor, we receive this esteemed C&T Allē Award for "Most Significant Formula" in the Mass Finished Product Category, marking a significant milestone: we are proud to be the first Indonesian recipient," PT Wahana Kosmetika Indonesia commented. "This award is the culmination of the hard work and dedication of our team. We are grateful for the opportunity to innovate and push the boundaries of the cosmetics industry and for the recognition from the international R&D community. We hope that this achievement may serve as a catalyst for our ongoing pursuit of pioneering skin care solutions, furthering innovation and excellence in our industry.

"Azarine Niacinamide 10% + DPG Serum addresses Indonesia’s skin care needs with the latest trends. With a select-type of niacinamide, it serves to reduce hyperpigmentation, controls oil and minimizes pores. Enriched with dipotassium glycyrrhizate, green tea extract and Crystalide, it is great for complex skin problems as it soothes, smoothens acne scars, deeply hydrates and brightens skin tone, providing a rejuvenated, radiant complexion."

Vitamin C Serum Anti-aging

"Winning the C&T Allē Awards (aka the ‘Oscars of the beauty industry’) has been an absolute highlight for the whole team at RAAIE," shares Katey Mandy, founder and CEO, RAAIE Skincare. "The Best in Anti-Aging finalists list included the crème de la crème of the beauty industry, such as brands like Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop, so we were just happy to be in their company and see our name on the screen as a finalist. To win Best Anti-Aging Product was hugely encouraging to the team back in New Zealand, who are truly committed to defining a new realm of science-backed botanical skin care. We’d like to thank everyone at the C&T Allē Awards for creating this platform and allowing indie brands to shine."

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4D In vitro Tissue-on-chip Technology

REVIVO Biosystems team membersREVIVO Biosystems team members

"We are honored to receive this prestigious recognition for REVIVO BioSystem’s achievements on ReleGO and REVex, which is our state-of-the-art 4D in vitro tissue-on-chip technology platform," the company wrote. "This win is a testament to the dedication and breakthrough innovation of our team. Our drive for progress stems from our desire to offer best-in-class commercial propositions that are not only more efficient and human relevant tissue models, but also ethically responsible, without relying on inaccurate animal experimentation.

"Building from our extensive microfluidics and tissue engineering knowhow, we have developed innovative and advanced ready-to-use services and products that surpass traditional and incumbent in vitro methods. By embracing human-relevant innovation and prioritizing ethical practices, we are shaping the future of skin care and tissue research, providing solutions that are both effective and responsible. This C&T Allē Award is a deeply appreciated recognition that reaffirms our commitment to keep relentlessly driving positive change in the industry while delivering tangible results for all of our partners and customers."

Elevated Exfoliation with Coconut Jelly Cube

"Thank you, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine and Allured Business Media, for creating an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the chemists and their developments within the personal care industry," Ross Organic shared. "'Innovation through Formulation" is at the heart of Ross Organic, an Azelis company, so we are incredibly honored to win such a prestigious award. The Exfoliating Coconut Jelly Cube is our interpretation on how to elevate the traditional body scrub cleanser while incorporating fun formats into everyday routines. At Azelis, we strive to provide our customers with unique and sustainable solutions, and this award highlights our dedication and commitment to pushing the boundary of innovation."

Eco-friendly Lamellar Delivery of Actives

"We are honored that our Emulpharma Mimesis ingredient was recognized by the editors of C&T with an Allē Award," says Naama Eylon, CEO of Sharon Personal Care. "This is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability in the personal care industry and reaffirms our dedication to developing cutting-edge solutions that elevate skin care formulations. We are proud to be at the forefront of creating environmentally friendly ingredient solutions that make a significant impact in the market."

Per the company, Emulpharma Mimesis enhances the effectiveness of skin care ingredients through its unique lamellar structure, facilitating the penetration of active molecules into deeper skin layers. The innovative emulsifying system offers multifunctionality and sustainability, allowing for the creation of fluid and sprayable emulsions across various cosmetic applications. Additionally, its cold process and one-pot formulation approach simplify manufacturing practices and contribute to more environmentally friendly processes.

Anti-aging via Immunoevasion Elimination

"We would like to extend our warmest thanks to the jury of the C&T Allē Award for choosing Senevisium as winner of the Actives/Anti-aging category," writes Brigitte Closs-Gonthier, chief executive officer and general manager of R&D, quality and communication, Silab. "We are indeed very pleased that the high scientific level of this active ingredient could be recognized.

"This natural active ingredient is in fact an innovative cosmetic solution, resulting from a cutting-edge research program. For its development, Silab deciphered the immunoevasion phenomenon, an insidious strategy implemented by certain senescent fibroblasts to avoid being eliminated by the immune system. This natural elimination is nevertheless beneficial because senescent fibroblasts that persist have harmful effects on neighboring cells. Silab’s research has implemented novel in vitro and in vivo models that demonstrated, for the first time, the consequences of immunoevasion by senescent fibroblasts in the course of skin aging. This distinction attests to the work done by all teams involved in this project."

5-ingredient Cold Processable Minimalist Hair Straightening Formula

"SNF would like to thank the C&T Allē Award [organizers] for this wonderful opportunity to showcase SNF’s Cold Process Technology in a hair care formulation – this is SNF’s second C&T Allē Award win in the Mass Formula Category. SNF is a world leader in the production of water-soluble polymers and our 2024 award-winning hair cream focused our expertise to create a high-performing and effective – yet minimalist – hair cream. It was developed using only five ingredients, the primary being our cationic polymer polyquaternium 37.

"This formulation was jointly developed by SNF’s Application Laboratories in France and the United States and is USDA-certified with 62% Bio-Based Carbon Content. The key SNF Technical Team members responsible for the winning entry, contributing to the field of responsible cosmetics formulation, include: Cecile Massardier, personal care applications development lab manager and Dominique Lemos, personal care technical sales manager and hair care specialist, both of SNF France; and Latifa Befanis, personal care applications development lab manager of SNF North America."

Water-safe Balancing Night Cream

"We are deeply grateful to the Allē Awards judges for recognizing Stoic Beauty Inc., which earned the exceptional achievement of Most Significant Indie Skin Care Formula for its Harmonia Balancing Night Cream," the company expressed. "At Stoic Beauty, we merge science and art to craft products that inspire confidence and inner beauty. Central to our mission is the development of water-safe cosmetics, aligning our vision with sustainability and environmental responsibility. Winning the Allē Award has opened doors for us to have more meaningful collaborations with industry-leading ingredient suppliers and has established greater trust in our customer base. This recognition fuels our passion to continue pushing boundaries and redefining "clean" beauty. Heartfelt thanks to Cosmetics & Toiletries for providing a platform to celebrate excellence in the beauty industry."

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3D Ex vivo Sweat Model and Deodorant Ingredient

Symrise team, awarded by Jeb Gleason-Allured (far right), C&T and Global Cosmetic IndustrySymrise team, awarded by Jeb Gleason-Allured (far right), C&T and Global Cosmetic Industry

"Celebrating this recognition is truly rewarding for Symrise!" shares Steffen Nordzieke, director of microbiology research for cosmetic ingredients at Symrise. "Our team’s decade-long dedication to innovation has led to the development of the 3D Ex vivo Sweat Model, a breakthrough method that promises to revolutionize cosmetic product development. Being acknowledged for our efforts motivates us to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in our quest to enhance consumer experiences.

"We are excited to present our first deodorant ingredient developed with this method in 2024. But it won´t stop here, as we [also] intend to apply the knowledge [gained to] soap and shampoo formulations, providing consumers with products that effectively address their needs. This award is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of scientific advancement in the realm of personal care."

Pollution Proof Hair to Boost Hair Shine and Luster 

"We are truly honored to be recognized with these prestigious Allē Awards, acknowledging our unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence in the cosmetics and personal care industry," expressed Sara Manganelli, marketing manager at TRI-K Industries. "Our heartfelt thanks go to the judges and organizers of the Allē Awards for this remarkable recognition. It underscores the commitment and expertise of our R&D, innovation, manufacturing, marketing and all our team members who consistently strive to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers."

"As TRI-K Industries continues to redefine beauty innovation, consumers can anticipate a continuous stream of groundbreaking ingredients that cater to evolving needs and preferences." To learn more about EssentiaTein Protect, Fision HydraTress, see the C&T Allēs finalist profiles.

Making Premium-Grade Collagen Palatable for Nutricosmetics

Uroš Gotar, CIO of Tosla, d.o.o., commented: "We are honored to have received the 2024 C&T Allē Award for the Most Significant Nutricosmetic Formula – Prestige for our Premium-Grade Collagen Formulation. …This award highlights our dedication to scientific validation and relentless pursuit of excellence in nutricosmetic innovation. Our patented Velious technology has been pivotal in overcoming the challenges of collagen’s taste and odor, making it palatable without compromising its efficacy.

"I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Cosmetics & Toiletries for recognizing our efforts, our R&D team for their groundbreaking work, and every Tosla member who contributed to this achievement. Special thanks also go to the facilitators of our clinical studies, whose efforts have significantly bolstered our product’s compelling test data. This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering scientifically validated beauty solutions."

Vitamin C Oil for Body Care

Tronque’s 'Fully Ripe' Vitamin C Body OilTronque’s "Fully Ripe" Vitamin C Body Oil

"We are absolutely honored for our Vitamin C Body Oil to have won the Prestige Finished Formula Bath & Body Category Allē Award," shares Tanné Snowden, founder and CEO, Tronque. "This is a great privilege for our brand to win such [a prestigious award] for our formulation. We take great pride in creating products that deliver the best that body care has to offer. Winning an award for our finished formula is something to be incredibly proud of, and we are immensely appreciative.

"Tronque’s products are established around efficacy, to transform [body skin] with evidence based natural ingredients that work. Our luxurious, high tech, bioactive formulas create visible results that you can see and feel. Thank you, Cosmetics & Toiletries, for our Allē Award – we are extremely grateful for this honor."

Self-Emulsifying Wax for Waterless Innovation

"Jeesperse NOLO is the latest addition to our broad range of self-emulsifying waxes," the company shares. "This award is a great recognition of the work of inventors and formulators who have collaborated with our customers to develop a new solution aimed at simplifying their manufacturing process and lowering their energy use. The Jeesperse NOLO technology will also help brands develop customized and water-free formulations that meet customer demand for convenient product formats with a better sustainability profile."

Scalp Microbiome Care for Hijab Wearers

"First, I would like to thank the C&T publisher and jury members who recognized the essence of our work," writes Mong Sah, director of R&D for Winnox Cosmeceutics, an R&D entity of Wipro Consumer Care. "It is indeed a proud moment after a long and challenging three-year journey from technical conceptualization to the commercial output.

"[For this product], the scalp microbiome study rendered a good new technical insight when [this] problem-solution product was developed and commercialized for Hijab wearers, who dominate more than 60% of total Malaysia’s population. In addition, consumer-centric solutions have always been a core business mindset [to drive] success.

"The successful closure of the study lied in seamless teamwork, our passion in cosmetic science and the positive R&D attitudes of the team being explorative and persevere; lastly, the strong resource support from the company that made every step possible."

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