In-cosmetics Day One Unveils New Technologies

At the first day of in-cosmetics 2008, a wealth of new technologies were unveiled. Among them...

Technature introduced lemon and raspberry peel-off masks said to impart softness under a deeply moisturizing film. The company combined alginate and glucose, to create an the translucent peel-off base. Glucose deeply hydrates the skin by rebalancing the hydrolipidic film while nourishing and soothing the skin. Raspberry seeds are are rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 in addition to essential fatty acids, which reinforce the skin hydrolipidic film. The mask reportedly unveils smooth and stretchy texture, making it then easier to peel-off. The richness in AHA and vitamin C of lemon joins with the raspberry to create a regenerating mask for an improved skin brightness and healthy glow. The mask sets in six minutes following application and performs its function in at least 15 min.

Cognis Care Chemicals and its active ingredients business Laboratoires Sérobiologiques (LS) exhibited a variety of natural-based personal care solutions in line with their “green chemical solutions” concept. These enable manufacturers to develop a wide range of products that address the constantly growing new “green” market.This is due to products that incorporate both environmental soundness and consumers’ well-being. Cognis solutions reportedly allow consumers to go “green” without them needing to compromise on convenience, personal well-being or product performance. Cognis Care Chemicals and LS presented new “green” natural-sourced ingredients that demonstrate the principles of the classification system “green chemical solutions” including:  a “green” surfactant for oral care applications which combines environmental sustainability with mildness and improved taste, making it a choice for toothpaste formulations; a “green” and very mild pearlizing wax dispersion for natural hair and appealing body cleansing formulations that serve the new “green” trend towards natural beauty; a preservative-free active ingredient, based on gymnemic acid role in the inhibition of hair follicles’ activity. This mild and vegetal active ingredient enables to prolong and enhance depilation benefits. Clinical tests have shown significant effect after one month of treatment. In addition, further high-performance ingredients will be launched at the exhibition; a liquid acrylic emulsion polymer with special rheological behaviour, designed to suspend, thicken and enhance the appearance of surfactant-based cosmetic cleansing preparations; texture agent delivering a melting texture with a velvety matte finish for various application areas such as sun care, AP/deo formulations or foundation systems. The product improves the thermostability of emulsions as well as the water resistance of sun care products and creates a very homogenous film on the skin; A delivery system consisting of microcapsules, nanocapsules and visual beads which serve as innovative solutions for high-end cosmetics.

Ageless Beauty” is a concept based on a selection of Cognis textures and LS actives which fulfill age-specific physiological needs, allowing women to fully rediscover and embrace the beauty of their age. “Crazy Textures” is a range ideas for new body cleansing products. Primarily intended for use by manufacturers of products for children and teenagers, the concept aims to transform personal hygiene from a chore into a pleasure, with unusual scents and foaming sensations that add fun to the daily cleansing routine. Laboratoires Sérobiologiques will present “LS Hair Salon,” its recently-launched range of seven specific active ingredients, each combining substantiated claims with an attractive marketing appeal, dedicated to all types of hair under all conditions.

At the show, Gattefossé introduced two active ingredients plus new substantiation tests on existing raw material and new formulation kits. Gatuline In-tense reorganizes the architecture of the dermis to fight the signs of age. New Eye contour treatment: True anti-age cocktail Cytobiol Lumin-eye will relieve congestion of the skin and stimulate the cutaneous micro-circulation to fight again the appearance of dark circles and eye puffiness. It has been substantiated in vivo to demonstrate its activity.

Safic-Alcan UK Ltd. lauched the new ingredients it is carrying. Permethol is a vasoprotective active ingredient, for tired / flabby legs, slimming products and rosacea treatment. Les Concentrés is a line of five concentrated and standardised traditional vegetal extracts, supported with in-vivo, ex-vivo or in-vitro efficacy data. Les Naturels is a line of 14 Ecocert certified organic vegetal products, produced through an innovated technology in order to have natural extracts without color and without odor. Dextralip 10C is an anti-inflammatory active ingredient, mainly known in the pharmaceutical field, and now used in aftersun, slimming products, aftershave, sensitive skin products. New butters with Ecocert approval were launched including: cacao butter, dhupa butter, kokum butter, mango butter, mowrah butter. New floral waters were launched as products now available as organic or standard products including: cornflower, orange tree flower, rose and witch hazel.

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