RIFM's Winter Topic: Dermal Absorption

The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials is focusing 28th annual meeting on dermal absorption. Dermal Absorption: An  Important Consideration for Risk Assessment—Models and their Applications will take place at the American College of Toxicology on Nov. 13, 2007 in Charlotte, N.C., USA.  

Jon Lalko, the senior test program specialist of human health sciences for RIFM will be the chair of the event. The symposium schedule is as follows

1:30 pm Jon Lalko - Introduction
1:40 pm Kenneth Walters – Overview, In Vivo Percutaneous Absorption Methods
2:20 pm Bob Bronaugh – In Vitro Percutaneous Absorption Methods
3:00 pm Refreshment Break
3:15 pm Richard Guy – Prediction of the Rate and Extent of Chemical Absorption into and through the Skin
3:55 pm Valerie Politano – Skin Absorption Modeling: Practical Applications
4:35 pm Question and Answer

According to Lalko, the absorption of compounds through the skin is an important consideration for occupational/ environmental health and drug/consumer product development. The introduction and utilization of chemicals for a wide array of applications often leads to deposition on and absorption through the skin. Such absorption may be by design, as is the case with drug delivery, or secondary to the intended use. In either case, these exposures may be associated with toxicological hazards resulting in the need to accurately quantify the exposure and to conduct accurate risk assessments to protect human health.

The symposium will provide information the mechanics of skin absorption and present the experimental methods available to assess percutaneous penetration. It will describe the latest developments in dermal absorption modeling (mathematical/physiological). Finally, a comparative analysis between the available assessment methods will be discussed utilizing the space of fragrance materials as an example. For more information, visit www.actox.com.

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