Looking Back on 2018's Biggest Cosmetic R&D Stories


Before moving into a new year of exciting and innovative developments in the personal care industry, Cosmetics & Toiletries wanted to reflect on the biggest news and articles from the past 12 months.

2018's most-read content on the Cosmetics & Toiletries website covered a lot of regulatory ground, plus ingredient spotlights, microbiome research and more. Here are the top 20 articles:

  1. 6 New Trends in Cosmetic Technology
  2. CIR Conclusion: Parabens Are Safe
  3. [update] US Representative Proposes Ban, Review of Hundreds of Ingredients
  4. US FDA Pushes Sunscreen Reform on Three Fronts
  5. Hawaii to Ban Certain Sunscreen Chemicals
  6. Anti-pollution Cosmetics: In the Face of a Changing Environment
  7. Special Report: 5 WellBeauty Trends
  8. Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay Billions in Talc Ruling
  9. European Commission Authorizes MBBT Sunscreens
  10. An Offensive Defense: Minimizing Preservatives, Maximizing Protection and Resources
  11. China Softens Animal Test Mandate, Opens Doors for Cosmetics Growth
  12. The Microbiome Movement: Commensal Cosmetics Offer a Viable Future
  13. US FDA Investigates B. cepacian Complex Outbreak Linked to Personal Care
  14. Examining Tomorrow’s Surfactant Personalities: Alpha Olefin Sulfonate in Personal Care
  15. Amway and Microbiome Insights Identify Bacteria That Could Improve Skin Care
  16. Water Meets Skin: Modern Moisturizers
  17. [podcast] Microbiome Interactions and Skin Health, Part I
  18. PQ-10: How the Industry Utilizes This Cationic Polymer
  19. Caprylyl Glycol: A Versatile Material to Boost Preservatives
  20. The Skin Microbiome: A New 'Organ' and How to Leverage It
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