REACH Summit: Addressing Tomorrow’s Concerns Today

Cosmetics & Toiletries announces the launch of the REACH Summit : Addressing Tomorrow’s Concerns Today!

Online registration is now open for Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine's REACH Summit. The event, preceding in-cosmetics, will be held April 16, 2007, in Paris, France, and will combine four major perspectives of the proposed regulation to put to rest some of the issues the entire industry has been questioning.

World-renown regulatory expert David C. Steinberg of Steinberg & Associates will lead the afternoon’s esteemed panel of speakers, who were chosen for their different perspectives to help the industry sort through these issues:

Ms. Ruxandra Cana, an attorney with McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP (Brussels), will present the chemical industry perspective to explain the need for REACH, how it specifically affects cosmetics and personal care manufacturers and suppliers, where the legislation stands in the acceptance process and the time-frame companies have in which to comply. Cana previously has spoken on REACH-related issues and has advised several clients in the personal care/cosmetics industry on the impact of the new legislation on their products.

Mr. José Lalloum, Partner in LOGOS Public Affairs, will speak on the REACH legislation from an independent European public affairs consultancy perspective. He will give an overview of what is required by the legislation, when it is required and what it means to the overall cosmetic and personal care industry. He will be covering such topics as: What will businesses need to do to adapt to the new legislation? How could the changes affect other areas of the business? How will the legislation be enforced by the EU? His aim will be to tie together the "loose ends" left unraveled.

Mr. Laurie Hughes, Global Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs Manager of Uniqema, will present the raw material supplier perspective and will discuss the challenges and problems suppliers expect to face from the regulations set forth. He will touch on such areas as: What impact will this legislation have on costs? Will it put the business at risk? Will there be a need for governmental assistance? What changes in basic operations are anticipated and how can the company prepare?

Additionally, the Retail Manufacturer perspective will discuss: The challenges and problems expected from the new regulations, what can be done to prepare, and the impact on the cost of manufacturing and retail products will be addressed.



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