More Than 7,000 Attend Suppliers' Day for Cosmetic Innovation

The cosmetics industry is all about keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, as evidenced by more than 7,000 attendees who traveled to Edison, N.J., USA, for the New York chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists' (NYSCC) Suppliers' Day 2013 (May 14-15, 2013). Attendees from 38 countries came to this year's event, themed "Project Trendway," to see 658 exhibitors discuss topics such as naturals, multifunctionality, hair care, anti-aging and more.

Exemplifying the event's theme, BASF featured "Backstage Pass," an outline of the beauty trends it anticipates for 2015, with looks that make these trends come to life. Looks for 2015 included: Basic Upgrade, Golden Goddess, Garden of Eden, Cool Refinement, Vital Energy and Into the Darkness. Makeovers were conducted on models at the booth by a hairstylist and makeup artist to show these looks in person. For example, Into the Darkness, an "ultra-contemporary enigmatic elegance with a sharp, ambiguous edge," involved a piecey, fauxhawk hair style with winged black eyeliner and deep blue eye shadow.

Although many of the technologies highlighted at the show had been previously introduced at in-cosmetics 2013 in Paris, for several, this was their initial introduction to the U.S. personal care market.

Juliana Rumbaugh, chair of the NYSCC Suppliers' Day committee, commented, "Even with the large turnout, we were very pleased that there were no lines to enter the show or register on site due to pre-registration. Social Media was a hit and a great way to get up-to-the-minute messages out to attendees. We hope to build upon this next year. Overall, this was a very successful year and we plan to continue to build on this in the future."

Natural: The natural personal care market is not going anywhere, and exhibitor's at Suppliers' Day naturally sourced new raw materials from all around the globe, each with unique stories about maintaining biodiversity, reducing energy during processing, promoting community education and health, and preventing deforestation. Some of the natural technologies presented at the show included: Magic of Africa from Naturex; Natrulon GPS 341 from Lonza; ViaFerm White from Actives International; Alban Muller's Amiderm ER; Alzo International's Beantree; Beraca's Dermal Protective Active System; Soliance's Sophogreen, Glossyliance and Appygreen 812; Tegosoft AC from Evonik; Fiberstar's Imulsi-Fi; and HallStar's Argan Butter Ultrarefined and Olivem VS Feel, among many others.

Multifunctionality: With BB, CC and even DD creams on the rise, multifunctionality is the name of the game in personal care. Suppliers were answering this trend with raw materials that had a number of functions, many of which could be included in BB creams themselves. Examples of some multifunctional technologies were: Momentive's Velvesil Mul-T gel and Silsoft E-Pearl PF emulsion; Selvol Ultalux by Sekisui Specialty Chemicals; SiQube Q 1850 from Gelest; Seppic's Eliclear 4U; and Abil EM 120 from Evonik.

Hair: The personal care industry is always searching for new hair care ingredients to maintain color, mend damage or treat dandruff. The event hosted a number of suppliers focused on hair care innovation, including: Ashland with Conditioneze 22 and Conditioneze 37; Bluestar Silicones with Mirasil ADM-E235C and Mirasil Serum; BiotechMarine and Seppic with Esculane; Dow Corning with its CE-8411 Smooth Plus Emulsion, Grant Inc. with NYKT-P and Lucas Meyer with Phytenso.

Croda Inc. hosted a breakfast before the event on May 14, 2013, where Regan Tillou spoke to the press about the science behind hair damage. She detailed the different kinds of hair damage, including: cuticle de-cementation and lifting, cuticle abrasion, cuticle shear band formation (split ends), longitudinal cracking, bulges and craters, and breakage of hair fibers. She then explained how the company tests for hair damage and went into some of the products they have designed to address hair damage, including: Crodazosoft DBQ, to prevent cuticle abrasion; Keramimic 2.0, a conditioning active to repair damaged hair; and KeraDyn HH, to restore bounce and swing.

Anti-aging and AP/Deo: Antiperspirants and deodorants (AP/Deo) is not always a category ripe with innovation; however, a few new deo ingredients emerged at Suppliers' Day, such as APShield 100 from Ashland, and Freshaxyl from BASF.

There were also many anti-aging actives introduced at the event, including: Ashland's Actopontine, Shadownyl from BASF, Bonicel from Ganeden Biotech, Juvefoxo from Lipotec and Alban Muller's Repulpami ER. Cosmetics & Toiletries conducted an exclusive interview with Lipotec's Cristina Carreño, PhD, at the show to talk about the company's peptides, many of which have anti-aging properties, and to discuss communicating this science to the consumer. Read more of this interview here.

The Torch of Technology

For the second year, Suppliers' Day featured the Torch of Technology, a showcase of the latest innovations from suppliers such as Lonza, Croda, Ashland, Delfin, Kobo, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics and more. For the first time this year, attendees voted on their favorite products in the showcase, and these votes were assembled to choose the top three. Croda took home first place for its Sensification Kit. Kobo took home second place for Composite ACCB-33 and Lonza was the third place winner for ProSynergen DF.

Suppliers' Day will take place in 2014 on May 13-14. For more information, visit

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