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[podcast] Defining 'Clean Beauty'

Contact Author Rachel Grabenhofer with Richard Pietz, Kora Organics
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The idea of 'clean beauty' takes many forms. To some, it’s about safety; to others, it’s natural ingredients or short ingredient lists; or even all of these.

To gain perspective on how consumers define clean beauty, and why, we asked Richard Pietz, director of product development and technical sales for Kora Organics. Here's an excerpt from our discussion. Register below for free to hear the full podcast interview, sponsored by Ingredion.

What does the concept of clean beauty mean for consumers?

To me, it encompasses the free-from, the safe, the "good for you," the less "risky"-type of ingredients. It also incorporates sustainability ingredients or packaging that is vetted by the brand. It also [relates] to the term wildcrafted, which pertains to natural and organic ingredients, also as well as natural and organic/certified organic ingredients. 

How I really look at it, working for a brand, is the definition of clean beauty for cosmetics and personal care... really pertains to the state and the content of the ingredients found in those products [the free-from, the safe, the less toxic, the natural, the organic, the wildcrafted]...—all these types of things are rolled up in it.

It think it’s reflective of the times, where the ingredients tell the story, now.

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