4 Major Highlights of the ASDS 2023 Annual Meeting!

MedEsthetics attended this year’s annual American Society for Dermatologic Surgery conference and we are excited to share some highlights from ASDS 2023!
MedEsthetics attended this year’s annual American Society for Dermatologic Surgery conference and we are excited to share some highlights from ASDS 2023!
Photo taken at ASDS 2023 Annual Meeting

MedEsthetics attended this year’s annual American Society for Dermatologic Surgery conference and we are happy to share some of the highlights with our readers. We got an inside look at the latest research into new treatment techniques, data on exciting new products and other exciting developments in the world of facial aesthetics, both here and around the world.

Faculty and doctors from the U.S. and abroad came to discuss innovations in treating facial aging and skin conditions of various ethnicities, exploring aging differences in the facial anatomy of different ethnicities, treating our increasingly gender-diverse population, new and already approved toxins and filler injection techniques for facial aesthetic treatments, hair restoration, body sculpting and much more.

1. Educational Sessions & Courses

The annual meeting hosted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery is the go-to place for education on cosmeticKavita Mariwalla, M.D.Kavita Mariwalla, M.D.Photo taken at ASDS 2023 Annual Meeting dermatology and dermatologic surgery, from devices and products to procedures.

The general sessions on Thursday focused on liposuction and cellulite treatments, microneedling techniques, filler injection techniques and improving diversity, equity and inclusion in aesthetic practices. Friday's discussions provided insights into chemical peels, acne scar treatments, and safe and effective combination body sculpting treatments, while Saturday's sessions highlighted regenerative medicine in aesthetics and biostimulatory fillers, hair restoration innovations and improving lip enhancement techniques by focusing on structure and shape.

Rejuvenating lip structure and shape doesn't just involve treating the lips themselves. In the session, "Lip Sense: Focus on Structure and Shape," featuring presentations by Sabrina Fabi, M.D., and Kavita Mariwalla, M.D., Dr. Fabi went into the various Sabrina Fabi, M.D., 'Lip Sense: Focus on Structure and Shape'Sabrina Fabi, M.D., "Lip Sense: Focus on Structure and Shape"Photo taken at ASDS 2023 Annual Meetingways treating the aging of facial areas around the lips, such as the jaw, mid-face and jowls can actually better restore the youthful appearance and shape of patients' lips. The ideal area to treat depends on how the patient's particular facial anatomy ages, the fullness of their lips, and other individual characteristics. This approach has multiple advantages to treating lips alone, as it addresses not only the rejuvenation of the lips, but the rest of the face as well.

Dr. Fabi, explained, "Support of midface dissipates over time, affecting facial proportions and lip form and structure. Restoring the structure of the lower face enhances midface support, restoring lip structure and shape as a result."

While the general education sessions were open to everyone at the event, there were also inclusive training courses and workshops for residents, fellows and medical students interested in earning CME credits.        

2. The Exhibit Hall

If you were looking to find the latest in aesthetic devices and skin care products, ASDS had plenty to offer! Brands like SoltaCuteraAcclaro Corporation, Lumenis, Fotona, Aerolase, Epionce and more all had booths at ASDS and were showcasing their newest and hottest products.

Skinbetter Science had its latest product on display, the newly launched Mystro Active Balance Serum, while Neova SmartSkincare's booth featured its DNA Total Repair serum. The Induction Therapies booth featured their impressive line of "efficacious skin care formulations that are active ingredient-focused, contain no chemical preservatives or fillers that might keep active ingredients from absorbing into the skin. These formulations carefully balance and utilize pH levels and molecular weight to help penetrate actives into the skin, balancing skin pH." Canfield displays its VISIA-CR facial imaging device.Canfield displays its VISIA-CR facial imaging device.Photo taken at ASDS

Canfield showcased its IntelliStudio device, a fully automated solution for clinical images in medical and aesthetic practices. The technology combines studio quality lighting, smart automation, motorized programmable lift, projected laser line for fixed distance, standardized capture templates and Canfield's MatchPose image capture to ensure repeatable, perfectly registered before and after images. The brand has also updated its VISIA-CR, adding video capture for dynamic expression, integrated batch analysis and optional PRIMOS 3D.

UltraClear is a skin rejuvenation device powered by a first-of-its-kind cold fiber laser technology to reverse signs of aging, addressing multiple skin conditions in one treatment. The device vaporizes the outer layers of dull, damaged skin and heats the underlying skin layers with precisely controlled thermal energy. This causes the skin to heal and restructure, growing new skin cells and increasing collagen and elastin production.

UltraClear showcased its innovative anti-aging solution.UltraClear showcased its innovative anti-aging solution.Photo taken at ASDSAmong the exhibitors specializing in the digital technology arena was MetaMed Marketing, a digital marketing specifically tailored to the medical aesthetics industry, with a unique understanding of the particular nuances of the medical aesthetics industry. Industry professionals had the chance to receive free website assessments and education on how to improve their website's visibility on Google, track website performance and conversion rates to improve website traction and attract potential clients to their website and business. 

3. Social Functions

No matter where you were or how you spent your days at ASDS 2023, there was plenty of socializing and fun to be had!

The Annual Gala held the evening of Saturday, November 4th, was the social highlight of the meeting. This year's gala was a masquerade, with attendees dressed up in their finest attire and, of course, elegant masks for this glamorous event to enjoy a memorable soiree on their final night before heading home.   

Brands like SkinCeuticals, La Roche Posay, Merz and Revance hosted affiliate functions, highlighting their latest product innovations for attendees to learn about while also enjoying a chance to eat, drink and be merry with fellow industry professionals.

There were also plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle with other industry professionals throughout the show. Networking breaks took place throughout the day during the conference and newer industry professionals had the chance to mingle with industry veterans at the welcome reception on Thursday, November 2nd and the networking reception on Friday, November 3rd. 

4. Annual Awards

President's Awards:

Deirdre Hooper, M.D.Deirdre Hooper, M.D.Photo courtesy of ASDS

Susan Weinkle, M.D.Susan Weinkle, M.D.Photo courtesy of ASDS

Sue Ellen Cox, M.D.Sue Ellen Cox, M.D.Photo courtesy of ASDS

Amy Derick, M.D.Amy Derick, M.D.Photo courtesy of ASDS

Each year, the President recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the Society or whose work has advanced the dermatologic surgery specialty in a meaningful way. This year's award recipients included Murad Alam MD, MBA, Sue Ellen Cox, MD, Amy Derick, MD, Alexander Gross, MD, Deirdre Hooper, MD, Sara Moghaddam, MD, Susan Weinkle, MD, and Katherine Duerdoth, CAE. 

Other awards included:

Kimberly Butterwick, M.D.Kimberly Butterwick, M.D.Photo courtesy of ASDS

Award for Outstanding Service - Rajiv Nijhawan, M.D.Award for Outstanding Service - Rajiv Nijhawan, M.D.Photo courtesy of ASDS

Sudip Parajuli, M.D.Sudip Parajuli, M.D.Photo courtesy of ASDS

Rhoda Narins, M.D.Rhoda Narins, M.D.Photo courtesy of ASDS

Samuel J. Stegman, MD, Award for Distinguished Service: Kimberly Butterwick, M.D.

Award for Outstanding Service: Rajiv Nijhawan, M.D.

Lawrence M. Field, MD, Honorary Lecture: Sudip Parajuli, MBBS, M.D. - “Making a Difference Through the International Traveling Mentorship Program: Changing Surgical and Medical Practice in Dermatology in Nepal.”

Vic Narurkar, MD, Innovations in Aesthetic Dermatology Lecture - Rhoda S. Narins, MD, delivered her presentation, “Parallels in the History of Aesthetic Procedures and ASDS,” on Saturday, Nov. 4.

The list goes on, with many more elite dermatologists recognized for the Society's annual awards during the 2023 ASDS meeting, acknowledging their outstanding work and commitment to field of dermatologic surgery!

2023 ASDSA Top Advocates:

This year's ASDSA Top Advocates included Kyle Coleman, MD (Thibodaux, La.), M. Laurin Council, MD, MBA (St. Louis, Mo.), Catherine DiGiorgio, MD (Boston, Mass.), Lawrence Green, MD (Rockville, Md.), George Hruza, MD, MBA (St. Louis, Mo.), Sandra Johnson, MD (Greenwood, Ark.), Rachel Kyllo, MD (Arnold, Mo.), Kelley Redbord, MD (Vienna, Va.), Anthony Rossi, MD (New York, N.Y.), Divya Srivastava, MD (Dallas, Texas) and Shivani Tripathi, MD (Chesterfield, Mo.).

Save the date for ASDS 2024!Save the date for ASDS 2024!Photo courtesty of ASDS 

If you're feeling left out, don't worry! ASDS 2024 is set to take place October 17th through the 20th, so make sure to mark your calendar now and save the date.

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