Water Retention Within Hair Strands is the Key to Protecting Hair from Heat Damage


Heat styling is quite a common practice at home and in hair salons. However, frequent heat treatments have become a concern, as curling irons and hair straighteners can easily reach 200ºC, causing serious hair damage, like changing cuticle structure; changing and decomposing keratin; promoting water loss and changing hair strand mechanical properties.

To follow the pace of styling practices, the cosmetic industry started to use silicones in hair heat protectants, as they coat and create a barrier against heat. In fact, some of the characteristics of silicone do justify its use. Stability, low heat conductivity and high specific heat have turned silicones into favorite hair heat protectants. On the other hand, it is known that some of the silicones used might build up, leaving hair weighed down, difficult to style and lifeless, as silicones can attract dirt. In addition, the environmental risks posed by chlorinated hydrocarbons, the starting material, and bioaccumulation issues have caused silicones to be removed from several cosmetics.

Overcoming high-performance challenges in hair styling - with proven safety - Chemyunion introduces a heat protection active with an innovative mechanism of action: ThermoShield.

Water retention within hair strands is the key to reduce hair heat damage (its physical characteristics, like low heat conductivity and high specific heat, allow it to act as an insulating agent). ThermoShieldcan trap water inside the hair fiber and create a heat barrier, shielding hair against blisters, fissures and other damage, without compromising styling. Benefits:

  • Retains 24% more water inside the strands
  • Keeps hair temperature 16% lower, preventing overheating
  • Preserves cuticle integrity
  • Boosts the straight effect 23% after 24 hours
Chemyunion Ct1810 Image Efficacy


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