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Sino LifeScience Shapes Antioxidant-rich SinoVital Dry Extracts

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SinoVital Cranberry Fruit D.E. ≥ 30% Proanthocyanidins is a cranberry-based active that imparts antioxidant capabilities.


In keeping up with demand for natural ingredients, Sino LifeScience has developed SinoVital Dry Extracts, a selection of botanical blends said to retain the power of nature.

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From antioxidants to exotic scents, the 100% natural, preservative-free SinoVital botanical ingredients, SinoVital Bilberry Fruit D.E. 15% Anthocyanidins and SinoVital Cranberry Fruit D.E. ≥ 30% Proanthocyanidins (INCIs: Not Provided), are said to impart healing properties for a wide variety of applications and make formulas more effective and sustainable.

The ingredients are derived from plants known for their health and wellness properties and harvested in different parts of the world. Extractions are carried out with gentle solvents such as water and ethanol, to ensure SinoVital Dry Extracts are pure, effective and that they minimally impact the environment.

SinoVital Cranberry Fruit

Because of cranberry’s low sugar and high acid content, the berries possess a distinguishing sour taste and are rich in proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, tannin and vitamin C. As previously stated, SinoVital Cranberry Fruit D.E. ≥ 30% Proanthocyanidins impart antioxidant capabilities.

SinoVital Bilberry Fruit

SinoVital Bilberry Fruit D.E. 15% Anthocyanidins is derived from bilberry, which contains a high amount of anthocyanins, a class of bioflavonoids naturally found in many vegetables and abundant in reddish fruits. Anthocyanins are known for strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and are used to address age-related deficiencies, particularly in the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases and venous insufficiency. As such, bilberry dry extract is commonly used in the prevention and treatment of conditions related to inflammation, hyperglycemia, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and high oxidative stress. It additionally imparts would healing and skin-nourishing properties.

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