Sytheon Launches Corn- and Sunflower-derived Skin Care Ingredient

March 15, 2017 | Contact Author | By: Jennifer Novoseletsky
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Sunflowers and corn

Keywords: NYSCC Suppliers’ Day | Sytheon | HydraSynol IDL | barrier function | linoleic acid | corn | sunflower | eco-friendly

Abstract: Help consumers improve skin care this spring with Sytheon’s latest corn- and sunflower-derived ingredient, which maintains a healthy barrier function. Learn more at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day in May 2017.

Sytheon has launched HydraSynol IDL (INCI: Isosorbide Disunflowerseedate), which improves the appearance of skin by building and maintaining a healthy barrier function.

HydraSynol IDL is a stable version of linoleic acid, which imparts the same benefits in addition to others. The ingredient is a blend of diesters originating from isosorbide—obtained from corn—and fatty acids from sunflower seed oil by an environmentally friendly method.

To maintain a healthy barrier function, the ingredient:

  • Stimulates multiple genes, proteins and lipids;
  • Boosts epidermal hydration by increasing filaggrin; and
  • Modulates kallikreins, which are natural exfoliation factors. 

An ex vivo study showed HydraSynol IDL acts on dual pathways defend the skin barrier by building antioxidant shield and by inhibiting up-stream pro-inflammatory mediators.

The ingredient will be featured at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day in May 2017.