Duck Low, Jump High and Relieve Pain with Golf Goo

May 16, 2016 | Contact Author | By: Jennifer Novoseletsky
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Golf Goo

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Abstract: Don't let pain drag down your adventures. Battle physical body stressors with Green Goo's Golf Goo 'Swing Oil.' Golf Goo is formulated to relieve inflammation.

Green Goo’s Golf Goo ‘Swing Oil’ is an herbal formula powered by arnica, which is recognized for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. Its blend of herbs and essential oils soothes aches and pains including arthritis, sore muscles, sprains and strains, bumps and bruises and other injuries.

Ingredients: *olive oil, *arnica flowers, beeswax, *menthol crystals and essential oils of *rosemary, *ginger *peppermint and *cinnamon.

*Certified USDA Organic