Citystem Now Acts on Autophagy

January 9, 2018 | Contact Author | By: Jennifer Novoseletsky
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Keywords: Citystem | pollution | active ingredient | autophagy | skin cells | skin care | detoxify cells

Abstract: Sederma's Citystem is an active ingredient that was tested and proved to help improve skin after four weeks. The ingredient now has new data and is efficient in restoring the autophagic activity of skin cells.

Sederma has released new data on its sustainable active ingredient, Citystem (INCI: Not Available), which helps fight against visible and invisible pollution damage to the skin.

This active is now able to protect and restore the autophagic activity of skin cells. The company recognizes the damaging effects of pollution on skin cells and is now showcasing Citystem as a counteracting solution to any deterioration.

As an autophagy activator, Citystem, which is also a plant cell culture extract, can help detoxify the cells and provide sustainable viability.