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Vantage Specialty Ingredients Launches Green Product Series

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Lipo Chemicals Inc.—the personal care unit of Vantage Specialty Ingredients—has introduced Lipomulse Eco Series, a new addition to their product line.

Focusing on key areas of growth in the personal care market, Vantage developed Lipomulse Eco products on vegetable-derived propanediol. The products are patent-pending non-ethoxylated emulsifiers, which are a cost-effective alternative to traditional emulsifier systems.

Lipomulse Eco H (proposed INCI: Poly(Glycerin/Propanediol) Stearates) is the high HLB product and the two low HLB products are Lipomulse Eco L (proposed INCI: Propanediol Stearate) and Lipomulse Eco L2 (proposed INCI: Polypropanediol Stearate), all of which were created as natural and sustainable.

Additionally, the products are non-EO and 1,4-Dioxane free. They can be used with:

• Creams,

• Lotions,

• Conditioners,

• In combination with organic sunscreens,

• Body milks and

• Body butters.

Some other features include compatibility with anionic and cationic actives and excipients, producing oil-in-water emulsions with a wide range of viscosities and forming liquid crystals, which can help enhance the stability of formulations and improve skin moisturization.

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