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Indena Addresses Seasonal Needs of Skin with Botanical Actives

At in-cosmetics 2013, Indena is presenting a collection of different formulations that address the skin's during the four seasons differently with botanical active ingredients.

Natural Beauty Opportunities Emerge in China, Says Mintel

The Mintel Beauty & Personal Care division is highlighting the growing potential for natural beauty products in China, pushed by demands for facial skin care products, which is forecasted to reach RMB104 billion by 2017.

Enhancing the Stability of Natural Oils and Butters with Rosemary Extracts

Use of rosemary extracts to provide oxidative stability to various natural oils and exotic butters offers a way for formulators to reduce the use of synthetics and chemicals in skin care products.

Formulating More Natural Products: A Discussion

This article presents the viewpoint of a “granola” chemist who proposes that removing water from formulations also resolves other issues, such as the potential for contamination and excessive use of preservatives and emulsifiers. However, recognizing that several views presented here will certainly spark debate, some opposing reactions and counter-reactions are included as well, to promote discussion and constructive debate within the industry.

Formulating With Naturals—Hair Conditioning

This column proposes that the current natural and organic hair conditioner market can de divided into two types—those that are effective but use technology considered suspect under most natural certifications, i.e., “greenwashed,” and those that are more compliant with natural and organic certification but are found by consumers to have performance gaps

Growing Demand for Natural Beauty Products in Asia-Pacific Urges on Natural Ingredients*

As more consumers in Asia-Pacific countries learn about and seek out more natural beauty and personal care products, there is a continually greater push for beauty ingredient suppliers to debut new innovations to provide solutions for beauty products and replace synthetic ingredients.

Trends in Organic and Natural Products: A Q&A Session With Barbara Olioso, PhD

Green chemist Barbara Olioso, PhD, founder of Organatural and workshop presenter at in-cosmetics Asia 2012, addresses important aspects of organic/natural personal care product creation, including: natural ingredient trends, formulation challenges and regulation issues.

Formulating with Naturals—Sun Care

The industry continues to seek protection from the sun without chemical reactions on the skin, in the body or in the environment.

Purple Ginseng to Balance Skin

Crodarom has launched an ingredient based on purple ginseng root for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to combat sebum and address skin and scalp imperfections.

Nature-derived, Conditioning and Eco-friendly Launches

Evonik Personal Care has rolled out several new product offerings in both leave-on and rinse-off categories, including nature-derived solutions, easy-to-use conditioners and more.

Natural Actives With AP/Deo and Antimicrobial Efficacy

Dr. Straetmans was awarded the first place BSB Innovation Prize in the category of functional ingredients for its certified natural deodorant active and natural liquid antimicrobial.

Tigernut for Skin, Hair Health and Protection

Crodarom has launched an ingredient obtained from the organically farmed tubers of Cyperus esculentus that is designed to provide nutrients for protecting and maintaining skin and hair health.

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