Cosphatec Gets a Feel for a Silicone Replacement

January 24, 2018 | Contact Author | By: Jennifer Novoseletsky
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Color cosmetics

Keywords: Cosphatec | Cosphaderm Feel | sun care products | color cosmetics | surfactant | spreadability | silicone replacement | UV filters | solvent

Abstract: Cosphatec has launched a new ingredient to be used as a silicone replacement to be used in cosmetic skin care. Cosphaderm Feel has a number of properties in addition to being sourced from castor oil and being palm oil free.

Cosphatec has launched Cosphaderm Feel (INCI: Triheptanoin), a COSMOS certified silicone replacement with high spreadability and skin compatibility.

Cosphaderm Feel is a solvent for UV filters and pigments and can therefore be utilized in sun care products and color cosmetics. The ingredient can also be used as an emollient in W/O and O/W emulsions to develop a light and mild skin product.

As an easy-to-apply liquid, this ingredient can be used pH-independently in a concentration of 5% to 10%. This cosmetic ingredient is sourced from castor oil and is palm oil free. It is also 100% naturally derived from triglyceride of heptanoic acid.