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[video] Cosmetics R&D Vlog: 'Exercising' Anti-aging Effects in Skin

Resistance exercise affects inflammatory factors in the blood that, in turn, increase dermal thickness. Shu Nishikori, of POLA Chemical Industries, explains in this cosmetics R&D vlog entry. Watch now.

Gelest Introduces Vertasil TM-CBD1 to Improve Solubility and Lubricity

Gelest introduced Vertasil TM-CBD1, a hybrid fluid based on cannabidiol (CBD), to improve the solubility of cosmetic ingredients including silicones.

The Kawa Project Upcycles Coffee for Cosmetics, Food Products

To cut down on food waste, Aaron Feigelman founded The Kawa Project to upcycle coffee for personal care and food applications. Two products are currently offered—Kawa Carrier Oil and Kawa Coffee Oil.

Catalent Creates CosmoPod Duo for Simultaneous Topical Application

Catalent has launched CosmoPod Duo, a plant-based, dual-chamber capsule for simultaneous beauty or health topical applications.

Franz Skincare Launches Skin Saver Mask Liner

Worn under a protective face mask, the Franz Skin Saver mask liner is reusable and washable.

BASF Color & Effects Formulates ‘Inside Out’ From Packaging to Pigments

BASF’s Colors & Effects promotes a concept with its cosmetic pigments and packaging—focusing on pigments from the "Inside Out."

Scent For Good Launches with Hand Sanitizer

Scent For Good has launched its first product, a gel hand sanitizer formulated with essential oils.

New Launch Roundup: Ultraceuticals, Qür, Sugar Sugar

Two brands, Qür and Sugar Sugar, have launched their first line of products, while Ultraceuticals Skincare is coming to the United States.

Native Extracts' Finger Lime Caviar Cellular Extract Relieves Skin Irritation

Finger Lime Caviar Cellular extract is a natural skin care active that improves dehydration, irritation and barrier function in compromised skin.

Valmont to Release 4 Skin Revitalizing Products

Valmont will release four skin revitalizing products starting in March 2021. The collection includes a bubble mask, moisturizer, eye serum and eau de toilette.

Eucerin Brand Launches Medical Grade Actinic Control SPF 100

Beiersdorf has extended its sun protection offerings into medical-grade care with the launch of the Eucerin brand Actinic Control SPF 100 product, to help prevent actinic keratosis and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Comparatively Speaking: Sun Care vs. Daily Proactive Skin Care

"The difference, in one sentence, is that sun care is only part of skin care. To be complete, skin care requires a need for daily proactive total skin care regimen."

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