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P2 Science Adds Citrolatum B and C to Ingredient Series

P2 Science has added two more ingredients to its Citrolatum series as natural alternatives to petrolatum: Citrolatum B and C.

Shin-Etsu Introduces Polyglycerin-modified Emulsifiers

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America (SESA) has introduced its line of polyglycerin-modified emulsifiers and highlighted a key ingredient in the series: KF-6100.

Skinny Tan Introduces Notox for Self-tan Anti-aging Beauty Elixir

Skinny Tan’s Notox Beauty Elixir is a self-tanning, anti-aging facial serum that reportedly has anti-wrinkle effects similar to botulinum toxin.

Vertosa‘s Powder Emulsions Infuse CBD into Cosmetics and Nutricosmetics

Vertosa has developed a propriety Powder-based Cannabis Emulsion Powder, ideal for infusing CBD into product categories including cosmetics, nutricosmetics and more.

Koel Colors Eye Makeup and Soaps

Koel Colours has rolled out eye makeup pigments and Altered Aqua, a series of water-based dispersions of pigments for cosmetic and personal care applications.

Dr. Wolff Controls Hair Loss, Promotes Growth for Women 40+

After a successful launch in Germany, Dr. Wolff has released its caffeine-based hair care lines, Plantur 21 and 39, to the U.S. market. Plantur 21 addresses long tresses and Plantur 39 promotes hair growth for mature consumers.

Chantecaille Packs CBD and Cannabis into Redness Reducing Moisturizer

Chantecaille Beauté’s CBD 300 Face and Body Cream contains a blend of broad-spectrum CBD and Cannabis sativa extract to soothe the skin from redness and irritation, as well as moisturize the face and body. In addition, cherimoya and eggplant stem cell extracts improves signs of stress.

BASF Formulates ‘Moisture and Mattification for Melanated Skin’

BASF has reported on the lack of products in the skin care industry for consumers with melanated skin. Here, the company points out the unique needs of consumers of color and two ingredients that can help them to maintain hydrated and healthy skin: Mat-XS Bright and Hydagen Aquaporin.

Suki Skincare Restores Skin Moisture with Hyaluronic Acid Milk Serum

Suki Skincare has introduced its Hyaluronic Acid Milk Serum, a hydrating treatment to help restore essential moisture to depleted skin and fight the daily effects of stress and fatigue.

Headspace and ‘hum’ by Colgate Personalize Mindful Oral Care with App

Headspace and “hum” by Colgate have partnered to help consumers improve brushing habits with a personalized, relaxing brushing routine in the hum app.

Down Under Enterprises Updates, Relaunches Eucalyptus Oil

Down Under Enterprises has updated and relaunched its eucalyptus oil—now known as Eucalyptus Kochii Oil, to support the cosmetic market demand for eucalyptus oil.

Rahn Updates Liftonin-Xpert with an ‘Eco’ Version

Rahn AG is discontinuing its original Liftonin-Xpert active and updating it to Liftonin-Xpert Eco. The ingredient has collagen-boosting and skin-repairing properties.

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