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CBD-mimic Secures New INCI Name

Medical Marijuana Inc. and Kannalife Inc. have a new INCI name for their patent-pending molecule and flagship consumer product to be sold under the trademark— Atopidine.

[video] Going with the (Rheology) Flow

Derived from the depths of the earth itself, hectorite, in modified forms, can be leveraged for pigment dispersion, thickening and more in personal care. Watch this formulation demo to learn more.

[updated] New Results to Reverse Graying Hair

IFF/Lucas Meyer updated data for previously launched hair care active to reverse graying in hair.

A Natural Ingredient Created for Aging Male Skin

This natural anti-aging ingredient was created to preserve and improve skin to give a more youthful appearance.

ShamLuLu's Shampoo Tablets Offer Hair Care Without the Bottle

The tablets can be converted into liquid shampoo when mixed with hot water.

Novachem Uses Hydrating Ingredient for Multiple Formulas

Hydraskin prevents water loss due to environmental changes, as Novachem demonstrates through multiple concept formulas.

Brian K. Marks Brings 'Ancient Formulas' to 2020 Hair Care

The brand reportedly comprises modernized ancient formulas that utilize its Israelceutical Complex.

Anti-aging Ingredient Strengthens Skin Cell Functions

By strengthening skin cells’ vital functions, Optimum Life Angelica, by Naolys, maintains the overall long-term capacity to act correctly, despite the damaging effects of natural aging and environmental stress.

Postbiotic for Hair Growth and Skin Repair

Sabinsa’s active promotes antimicrobial activity, anti-aging benefits and hair growth.

Cauliflower Mushroom Extract Protects from UV Damage

VageStop by Clariant is a natural ingredient created for skin protection against UV exposure and dryness. It contains veratric acid, a known antimicrobial, and imparts anti-irritation and antioxidant properties.

PEG-free Pigment Dispersant for Makeup and Sunscreen

This PEG-free cosmetic formulation is ideal for sunscreens and hybrid foundations, and creates a light, powdery skin feel.

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