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3 Ingredient Transparency Trends Driving 'Clean' Beauty

'Clean' beauty continues to grow and is driven by transparency, as CBI Insights revealed in a report highlighting three ingredient transparency trends. In relation, P2 Science will introduce its Citropol renewable liquid polymers in an upcoming webinar.

DSM Pushes Pentavitin and Panthenol Updates

DSM Personal Care has released updated results for Pentavitin, an ingredient meant to nourish and moisturize the dry skin. The company also launched a panthenol ingredient to moisturize skin and hair.

Mind Your Own Beeswax with Croda’s Vegan Ester

Adding to its Syncrowax range of wax esters, Croda has developed SP Syncrowax SB1 MBAL. The ingredient was curated as a vegan alternative for multiple cosmetic products, such as lip care, mascaras, antiperspirants, etc.

SCCS Concludes DHA is Safe for Hair Dyes

The SCCS released its opinion on dihydroxyacetone (DHA; 1,3-dihydroxy-2-propanone) at a plenary meeting held on March 4, 2020: the ingredient is safe for use as a hair coloring ingredient in leave-on treatments, and in self-tanning lotions and face creams.

{save} Skin with Ectoin-based Anti-pollution Line

The International Skincare Company is launching its anti-pollution line, {save}, in the United States. The skin care range contains the ingredient ectoin to prevent skin damage due to UV, IR and blue light radiation.

Read the Label: Grow Gorgeous—Volume Bodyfying Shampoo

"After looking at the product’s INCI listing, I was surprised by the high amount of active ingredients and amino acids being used." Read on as Rachael Polowyj reviews the ingredients on this product label.

[video] CBD and Meadowfoam for Synergic, Sensorial Skin Benefits

Word of mouth led to a future collaboration leveraging the oxidative stability of Natural Plant Products' meadowfoam seed oil to improve Panacea's CBD stability.

A Good Night’s Sleep for Skin with Synchronight

Givaudan has recently developed Synchronight, a botanical complex to keep the circadian rhythm in check, even when skin is exposed to blue light through digital devices/stress. The ingredient imparts wrinkle reduction and skin protection, improves sleep quality and natural melatonin production, and is an antioxidant.

Be Bold and Vibrant with BASF’s Mica-based Pigment

BASF Colors & Effects outlines its natural mica supply chain with full transparency in a presentation of the new mica-based effect pigment Cloisonné Vibrant Raspberry.

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