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Vegan Highlighter, Lipstick Headline Vantage Formulation Kit

Ethics-based claims are growing in popularity, but must abide by strict regulations. These vegan color cosmetic formulations are created with cruelty-free ingredients and include a cushion highlighter, lip foil and loose powder.

The Body Shop Tackles Food Waste with Upcycled Skin Care Products

The Body Shop has infused "ugly" bananas and carrots into its Carrot Wash, Carrot Cream and limited edition Banana Body Butter formulations.

5 CBD Sheet Masks for All Your Skin Care Needs

The line includes CBD Blemish Mask, CBD Anti-aging Mask, CBD After Sun Mask, CBD Collagen Mask and CMD Repair Mask.

Fullmoon Serum by Graydon Skincare

Fullmoon Serum was created to make skin look bright, even-toned and reduce the appearance of redness, lines and wrinkles.

This Serum Fights Air and Computer Pollution

The product was designed to fight visible and invisible pollution damage while also making skin appear more youthful and radiant.

Gray Hair, Gone via Ashland Biofunctional

Meant to promote hair darkening and reduce the appearance of gray hair, this ingredient is based on golden flax seed extract.

[WGSN Data] 2022 Hair Care Trends You Need to Know About

The WGSN Beauty Team compiled the trend report "Forecast 2022: The Future of Hair," in which the forecasting company analyzed the biggest trends expected to impact the 2022 hair care industry.

[video] Fresh Burst and Flowing Formulas on Location with Croda

Cosmetics & Toiletries recently went behind the scenes in Croda labs to see a new nonionic PEG-alternative w/o emulsifier in action. Watch the video to learn more.

HaloSmile's Teeth-whitening Makeup Applies Like Nail Polish

For temporary whitening, this vegan product is brushed on teeth to create a protective white layer that does not affect tooth enamel.

Volition Beauty's Celery Green Cream with Hyaluronic Acid + Peptides

Created to hydrate skin and minimize the appearance of pores, this moisturizer utilizes botanical extracts along with well-known moisturizing agents.

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