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INOLEX Produces Palm-free SustOleo MCT Emollient

SustOleo MCT from INOLEX is a palm-free emollient that enhances skin feel while dispersing sun filters and pigments.

Cirebelle Grows its Offerings with CireNat African Botanicals

Cirebelle has launched a range of African-based botanical actives, including baobab, marula, moringa, Kalahari melon seed oil and bulbine extract, for an array of personal care applications.

TriNutra’s B’utyQuin Black Cumin Oil Acts Against Aging

TriNutra has created B’utyQuin from black cumin oil, which focuses on mitochondrial revitalization for skin rejuvenation and diminishes inflammaging. In addition, the ingredient’s antifungal properties soothe the scalp.

Premium Facial Mists by Thayers

According to the brand, each mist features a proprietary blend of certified organic witch hazel and aloe vera that offer hydrating, antibacterial, and antioxidant benefits.

Actives International Features EcoCeramide LCS

Actives International and LCS Biotech partnered to create EcoCeramide LCS, a natural and sustainable option for formulators seeking to restore moisture in the skin.

Berg + Schmidt Launch New Surfactants, Emollients and Lecithins

At SEPAWA Congress 2020, Berg + Schmidt will present high-tech actives and other natural ingredients for cosmetics to achieve comprehensive skin care, specifically its recent BergaCare SmartLipids Ceramide, BergaSoft mild surfactants and BergaCare emollients.

Feel and Function: Attuning Attributes in Mineral Sunscreens

Formulators are increasingly being tasked with creating new sun care formulations based on TiO2 and/or ZnO. This paper will review and update current knowledge on how best to use inorganic sunscreens to develop effective and elegant sunscreen products.

Beauty Accelerate Virtual: Food Emulsifiers Feed the Naturals Need

In his Beauty Accelerate Virtual talk, Nick Morante, Ph.D., will underline key connections between cosmetic and food ingredients, and provide suggestions and resources for finding them; e.g., the EU’s "E numbers."

Cosmetics & Toiletries Soothing Skin Formulary

The following formulas are offered for your consideration as a basis from which to build and create your own. The information is listed as originally provided by suppliers. Readers should note in some cases, companies or ingredients may have changed.

Ashland’s ‘Earthy’ Oil: American Clary Sage

Ashland has developed an aromatherapy essential oil, American Clary Sage, to use in personal care formulations with an earthy, slightly floral scent.

Actichem Highlights Resveratrox for Skin Health, Anti-aging

Actichem features its grape vine-based cosmetic ingredient, Resveratrox SD, underlining its anti-pollution, antioxidant and anti-aging benefits.

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