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NuLife Ventures Introduces PEMF Therapy Device: Sedona Face

NuLife Ventures has introduced a portable pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) therapy device called Sedona Face to promote holistic anti-aging benefits.

Formula Focus: Premium Hand Cream

This editor's pick from Rahn AG is a moisturizer featuring an eco-friendly, anti-aging ingredient for youthful hands or feet.

La Moit Releases Line of Wellness Antibacterial Body Perfume

La Moit's range of fragrances are suitable for all in today's increasingly anxiety-ridden, hygiene-oriented world.

TruBeauty Recovery Pro Nitric Oxide Pathway

TruBeauty's Recovery Pro Nitric Oxide Pathway is a nutricosmetic designed as a bioceutical to support natural collagen from the inside-out.

Seppic Finds Sepibliss Nutricosmetic Benefits Sensitive Skin

Aligned with the market demand for sensitive skin products, Seppic has released updated clinical studies about its nutricosmetic, Sepibliss; a natural solution dedicated to ease sensitive skin.

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