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Salvona Debuts HydroSal BKC and Natural Antiseptics Demo Kit

To shield against the SARS-COV-2 strain of coronavirus, Salvona has compiled a complete hygiene kit featuring its HydroSal brand BKC and Natural Antiseptics products.

Novachem's Antibacterial Aids During Coronavirus

Novachem highlights its Zinc Sebum antibacterial as a proactive yet natural ingredient to protect against the coronavirus.

DSM Coins ‘Conscious Care’ Beauty Concept

DSM coined a new phrase combining “good” and healthy beauty: conscious care. This concept refers to consumers becoming more conscious of what they put on and into their bodies; in relation, DSM offers ingredient solutions targeting this concept.

Be Bright with Bright Oléoactif

Hallstar’s skin care active Bright Oléoactif reduces hyperpigmentation with help from the marshmallow root, rice bran and licorice root extract.

Biossance Creates Mineral Sunscreen for All Skin Tones

The broad-spectrum, mineral SPF 30 sunscreen was created to calm and cool sun-stressed skin.

Rosality Erases Dark Spots, IFF/Lucas Meyer Reports

Previously highlighted for anti-fatigue and anti-stress effects in skin, Rosality, from IFF/Lucas Meyer, was also shown to improve dark spots.

Activating Autophagy for Skin Youth with Rahn's Reforcyl-Aion

Derived from upcycled pumpkin, Reforcyl-Aion targets aging skin by activating the autophagy process. Rahn explains how here and will expand on this during in-cosmetics Global.

Berg + Schmidt Hypes BergaCare Naturals at in-cos Global

Glycolic acid hair care, natural ceramide and lipid skin repair, and an olive-based silicone alternative are on the roster for Berg + Schmidt at in-cosmetics Global.

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