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Cosmetics & Toiletries Formulary: Naturals

This sampling of natural formulas includes a date palm kernel-based anti-aging formula, Pueraria mirifica facial cream and pea protein hair damage defender. Click through to the July/August digital edition for the expanded formulary.

Cosmetics & Toiletries Expanded Formulary: Naturals

Expanding the listings in our July/August print edition, the digital magazine features natural formulas ranging from a coconut body butter and hemp sunscreen stick, to a sea water-based serum and more. Click through to our digital edition for more details.

Ancient Active: Split End Repair with Ayurvedic Roots

This article explores the efficacy of fenugreek-based hair mask formulas to address multiple forms of hair damage. Fenugreek, an herb with Ayurvedic roots, may be used for hair repair applications.

ORS Olive Oil Launches Fix It Range for Wig and Weave Wearers

The line was created to provide weave and wig wearers the flexibility to change up their style quickly, without sacrificing the integrity of their natural hair or scalp health.

Comparatively Speaking: Volatility and D5 Replacements

In the latest installment of his “Comparatively Speaking” series, Tony O’Lenick and colleagues consider how different tests yield different volatility results for silicone compounds presented as D5 replacements.

Kopari Moves into Sexual Wellness Category with Love Melt

The organic coconut lube, which can be used as a massage oil, was created to melt anywhere on the body.

Stepan Conditioner Leaves Hair and Environment Happy

The sunflower-derived conditioning agent is meant to smooth each individual hair strand, with additional consumer and formulator benefits.

Read the Label: Pure Sense Saffron Cold-pressed Soap

Scented with safranal oil, this bar soap is designed to relax the senses as the fragrance gently lingers on the skin throughout the day.

[video] Instant Personalized Masks via Encapsulated Ingredients

A little DIY can go a long way for cosmetic consumers—here, an encapsulated solution is demonstrated that enables personalized clay formulas.

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