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Cosmetics & Toiletries Formulary Expanded: Moisturizers

The following moisutrizing formulas, including an ant-gravity eye primer and facial masks, are offered as a basis from which to build and create your own. Readers should note in some cases, companies or ingredients may have changed. Read on for more.

Tauriga Sciences Launching CBG-infused Bath Bombs

The company also plans on launching a Pear Bellini CBG Bath Bomb fragrance, but the formulation is still under development.

Positive Products Group Extracts Malachite for Skin Protection and Repair

Derived from malachite stone, Positive Products Group’s PPG Natural Malachite Extract uses the natural copper in the stone to create a skin-protecting and repairing extract.

NuLife Ventures Introduces PEMF Therapy Device: Sedona Face

NuLife Ventures has introduced a portable pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) therapy device called Sedona Face to promote holistic anti-aging benefits.

Formula Focus: Premium Hand Cream

This editor's pick from Rahn AG is a moisturizer featuring an eco-friendly, anti-aging ingredient for youthful hands or feet.

La Moit Releases Line of Wellness Antibacterial Body Perfume

La Moit's range of fragrances are suitable for all in today's increasingly anxiety-ridden, hygiene-oriented world.

TruBeauty Recovery Pro Nitric Oxide Pathway

TruBeauty's Recovery Pro Nitric Oxide Pathway is a nutricosmetic designed as a bioceutical to support natural collagen from the inside-out.

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