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SoftSpheres by Cirebelle Release Scents, Pigments and Textures

Cirebelle has launched a range of wax spheres—SoftSphere, to provide shimmer, fragrance and texture effects.

Emerald Highlights Kalama and Purox Preservatives, Antimicrobials and More

Emerald Kalama Chemical has highlighted its Kalama and Purox ingredient lines, which are based on sodium benzoate, benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid and phenylpropanol, for preservative and antimicrobial functions.

Gattefossé’s Emulium Dolcea MB Adds Natural Softness

Emulium Dolcea MB by Gattefossé is a natural o/w emulsifier that imparts reportedly “extreme” softness to improve feel in products. In addition, the ingredient has won the Bronze Innovation Award in the Functional Ingredients category at in-cosmetics Global Awards 2020.

Alzo’s BioMade Hempseed Oil Emollients Enhance Sensoriality

Alzo International’s BioMade ingredient line of esters, waxes and polymers are naturally derived from hemp seed oil and enhance texture and sensory characteristics in personal care products.

Formula Focus: Soothing Skin Cream for Men

This soothing cream developed by DSM Nutritional Products is designed for men and features a blend to support the regeneration of the skin barrier.

Actera Addresses Aging with TeraCeutic Actives and TeraWater

Actera Ingredients presents two anti-aging actives in its TeraCeutic ingredient line, TXVector and Visilift. It also offers a collagen-enhanced ingredient to replace water in formulas, TeraWater.

Jojoba Desert's JD Hydro Boost for Restorative Skin Care

Jojoba Desert has announced the expansion beyond jojoba-based ingredients and has created a sugar cane-derived ingredient for restorative skin care called JD Hydro Boost.

Read the Label: Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate by Clarins

This "Read the Label" discusses the Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate with Essential Oils by Clarins. Key ingredients analyzed include SLES, bitter orange leaf/twig oil and Tilia cordata wood extract, among others.

ActivON’s Activonol-3 Natural Glycol Replaces Petroleum Derivatives

ActivON has created Activonol-3 as a natural glycol to replace petroleum-derived ingredients. It can be formulated into skin care and personal care products as a solvent, humectant, emollient and preservative booster.

WWP Beauty Launches Intentional Beauty Virtual Collection

According to WWP Beauty, the product packaging features motivational and positive quotes and the formulations are focused on protecting and bringing balance.

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