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Vernal Skincare's Crepe-less Skin Creme

The product is meant to target crepe-like skin anywhere on the body, while also having a firming and toning effect.

Too Faced Extends Hangover Skincare Collection

The three new products include Hangover Pillow Cream, Hangover Wash the Day Away and Hangover Pillow Balm Treatment.

Fatten Up the Skin Barrier with Biome Oléoactif

Officially launching in April 2020, from Hallstar Beauty and Deinove, is an active ingredient that regulates the skin microbiota and reinforces its barrier function.

Merck: All That Glitters is Gold

Merck is set to launch its Lights Series portfolio: Ronastar Dazzling Lights. The pigment imparts a shade of gold enhanced with a subtle hue of green.

Must-know Powder Process Parameters for Formula Success

When it comes to powders, variables such as size, shape, density, chemistry, static charge and moisture content can determine a successful formulation (or not). Here, Casey Muench Bickhardt, of GEMCO, offers technical insights.

Sustainable Emollients, Reinvented: Free Webcast

P2 Science has reinvented sustainable emollients with the launch of its Citropol 1A liquid polymer. Learn more about its chemistry and benefits in a free webcast, coming April 9. P.S., there's a free book giveaway. Register now!

PolyFructol Plus Provides Plant-based Hydration

Mibelle’s plant-based ingredient, PolyFructol Plus, provides lasting hydration from the chicory root that is typically used as a prebiotic in skin care.

Matmarine Minimizes Oil in Men’s Skin

Lubrizol has done an updated study on its biotech ingredient, Matmarine, which shows that the ingredient not only benefits acne-prone and oily skin in women, but in men as well.

Jarchem Develops Bio-based Chelant—Biopure GLDA

Jarchem has launched a bio-based alternative to EDTA, Biopure GLDA—a chelating agent that is natural and safe for consumers and the environment alike.

[video] Exposome, Microbiome Insights to Soothe Sensitive Skin

With the uptick in handwashing and sanitizing to protect against COVID-19, a parallel rise in reports of sensitive skin seems inevitable. In relation, Expozen was developed by Greentech to protect sensitive skin from the effects of the exposome. Learn more from this video interview.

BASF Curates Care Creations for Consumers

BASF Care Creations has composed a broad array of products for specific consumer needs, including: HerCare formulas for textured hair care; Scalposine, for scalp detox; a Z-Cote-based natural sunscreen stick; and Hydrasensyl Glucan Green, to improve skin texture.

Pigmentbio Brightens Pregnancy Pigmentation

In April 2020, Bioderma will be launching its skin care line Pigmentbio. This range includes an exfoliator, makeup remover, SPF-enhanced primer, vitamin C corrector and a night cream to brighten and reduce dark spots on the face.

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