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Vevy Europe S.p.A.’s Cetasol-Velvet

With emollient and conditioning effects, this texturizing agent acts as a stabilizer and plasticizer of cosmetic formulations.

BASF Care Creations’ Luviset One

This polymer offers both styling and thickening properties for a reportedly new level of performance for hair-styling products.

Oat Cosmetics Puts Microbeads in Charge of Active Delivery

This biodegradable microbead collapses to deliver a skin-soothing ingredient in a variety of applications.

Clariant Conditioners Target Custom Hair Care

The supplier's recent lineup of conditioning agents is meant to deliver targeted benefits to damaged, dry or limp hair, all with sustainable benefits and versatile formulating potential.

Lightweight Polypropylene Resin Reduces Wipe Waste

In a move toward sustainability, SABIC has developed a polypropylene resin product for melt-blown fibers for nonwoven fabrics, such as wipes, to improve delivery while reducing material consumption.

Lipotec’s Gesturecare Pairs Facial Yoga with Anti-aging Innovations

In its facial yoga-inspired concept, Lipotec marries facial exercises with a selection of anti-aging ingredients meant to improve appearance (plus, a touch of wellness).

Boscia's Rosewater Mist with Witch Hazel

Hydrating and refreshing, this multifunctional mist uses soothing ingredients such as witch hazel, aloe, jojoba seed and rose water to give the complexion a radiant, dewy appearance.

Verb’s Ghost Dry Oil

Just like its spooky namesake, this dry conditioner is meant to "vanish" after refreshing, detangling and moisturizing hair with glycerin, moringa seed oil and German chamomile.

For BASF’s Microbead Replacement, Gentle Exfoliation is Key

Many biodegradable alternatives to plastic microbeads may be too abrasive on skin; BASF's environmentally friendly option offers mild exfoliation due to its spherical shape.

Covestro Film Former Provides Sustainability Without Side Effects

Meant to provide sustainable benefits to hair care without compromising on function, the ingredient reportedly delivers long-lasting, flexible hold plus anti-frizz and smoothing properties.

Go D5-free with AB Specialty Silicones' Latest Emulsifiers

Avoiding D5? AB Specialty Silicones has added new cyclopentasiloxane-free emulsifiers to its ingredient portfolio.

Read the Label: Urbanskin Rx Anti-aging Cleansing Bar

Designed as a daily cleanser, mask and exfoliator, this system delivers a proprietary formula by way of an enclosed exfoliating sponge and cleanser in a jar. This column will review the ingredient listing for claims substantiation and functionality.

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