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[video] Indena Sets Sights on Blue Light and More

During in-cosmetics Global, Giada Maramaldi described Indena's focus on blue light protection and what's next for the company. Watch now!

Stress-free DSM Formulations Balance Busy Millennials

DSM's recent formulations and ingredients are intended to relieve the stress of the modern, connected world—especially for fast-paced millennials.

SK-II's Overnight Miracle Mask

Intended to provide skin with the appearance of a full night's sleep, this mask includes yeast ferments and silk tree extract to moisturize and enhance skin cell renewal.

Ouai’s Volumizing Hair Spray

The fragranced spray includes ingredients to protect hair from damage while amplifying volume.

Patent Pick: Under-eye Coverage in a New Light

Light scattering with fluorescent emissions has been used to mask dark under-eye circles. However, in a new patent, Estée Lauder inventors look to stabilized riboflavin for novel camouflage effects.

Comparatively Speaking: HLB vs. SLB

Efficiently formulating products using alkyl dimethicone polymers requires knowing their composition, solubility in the oil phase chosen, and a metric to understand which values are necessary for that particular oil phase. SLB is a starting point for such determinations.

Crodarom Evokes J-beauty Hydration with Sustainable Algae Extract

The company hopes to foster local development in the Philippines via the production of its algae-derived ingredient, which is meant to provide hydrating and revitalizing effects in personal care.

Shea Moisture's Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal Jelly Moisturizer

This body moisturizer features a jelly formula—a novel format for body care—containing coconut and encapsulated charcoal to nourish and detox skin.

Read the Label: Real Nature Avocado Sheet Mask by TheFaceShop

Formulated with avocado essence, which is rich in essential amino acids and vitamins, this product aims to provide skin with comforting moisture and nourishment. Here, Katerina Steventon, Ph.D., compares its ingredients with the label claims.

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