Skin Trust Club Mobile App to Launch in United States

The Skin Trust Club mobile app intends to keep the skin microbiome well-balanced and functioning properly.
The Skin Trust Club mobile app intends to keep the skin microbiome well-balanced and functioning properly.

Skin Trust Club will preview its mobile app technology that utilizes Labskin’s microbiome database at the Personalized Beauty, USA conference in San Francisco on March 30 to March 31, 2022. The mobile app launched in Europe in early 2021 and is scheduled for a consumer launch in the United States in mid-summer 2022.

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Skin Trust Club’s testing platform is designed to provide a detailed skin health assessment and recommend a personalized skin care routine that will keep the skin microbiome well-balanced and functioning properly.

According to Skin Trust Club, Labskin produces the only commercially available, lab-grown full-thickness human skin model that naturally mimics the skin’s microbiome. It is used in the beauty industry for animal cruelty-free testing of compounds or formulated products and for applied research.

Users need to buy the microbiome test kit to work concurrently with the app, which is synced via a QR code. They use the cheek swab and return the test sample using a pre-paid envelope. When the report is ready, it will be delivered to the consumer via the app. The process is repeated every three months to track skin health improvements. Along with the report, Skin Trust Club provides independent, brand-agnostic personalized product recommendations from a selection of partner brands.

Niamh O’Kennedy, group marketing officer at Labskin, said, “For consumers, this innovation means that anyone can have the ultimate in personalized skin care and take the guesswork out of choosing which products to use, saving them thousands of wasted dollars over the years on products that don’t work.”

Gerard Brandon, CEO of DeepVerge, Labskin's parent company, said, “The industry is realizing that with Skin Trust Club, the Holy Grail of personalized beauty and skincare is here. Our partner program is giving leading brands access to new routes to market, new revenue streams and access to thousands of potential new customers. Partners are also seeing the impact the largest skin microbiome database in the world can have on moving skin science and their research forward.”

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