Beyond Sun Care: Meeting Added Demands

Sun care is no longer about which SPF to choose. It has evolved past SPF and ventured into new arenas. Although sun products still protect consumers from the sun, they also can protect from other elements of nature. Instead of applying specific tan-enhancing products to the skin, a darker tan can be achieved by popping a pill. Another pill claims to help protect consumers from the sun by boosting the skin’s natural defenses. From a tanning oil for stretch marks, to sunscreens designed to ward off jellyfish, sun care products have shown a tangible expansion.

Protection from the sun, yes: But who thought sunscreen products could protect against other forces of nature--namely those that swim. Teeka Tan Products Inc. announced it has completed the first phase of testing on a sunscreen formula containing a chemical shark repellent. The company collaborated with SharkDefense, a New Jersey R&D company focused on chemical shark repellent that combines semiochemicals, gustatory compounds and metal alloys. Tests conducted at the Bimini Biological Field Station reported fewer bites from juvenile lemon sharks as a result of the repellent.

Although the company plans to form a new sunscreen product through the SharkDefense and Teeka Tan Sport SPF30 collaboration, it currently distributes Safe Sea, a sun care product that reportedly helps to prevent stings from most jellyfish, Man-o-war, sea lice, sea nettle and fire corals. Teeka Tan has scheduled Phase 2 trials for the shark repellent product in July.

Natural oils for sun care products are not just coming from plants these days. Tanzotic Tanning Products has introduced its Xotic Xplosion line of tanning lotions that contain Emu oil. The company has found emu oil to aid in the tanning of scars and stretchmarks due to the emu’s similar pH to the human body. Emu oil, according to the company, also contains omega six and nine essential fatty acids, which are reported to moisturize and calm the skin. The Xotic Xplosion line also contains hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

Achieving a glowing tan can be as effortless as taking a few pills a day, according to Santé Active, the makers of EluSun, a pill reported to produce bronze skin. The pill is a combination of vitamins A and E, borage seed oil, carrot oil, sunflower oil and co-enzyme Q10, among other ingredients. The company reports that the pill gives consumers a healthy glow without the exposure of harmful UVA/UVB rays or the streaks and spots of self-tanning lotions.

Sun protection from a sunscreen lotion may not be enough according to Pure Pharmaceuticals LLC., the makers of SunPill. The company reports that sunscreen products only work while they are being worn but that SunPill works around the clock. By fighting free radicals that effect DNA on the cellular level, SunPill is reported to achieve maximum sun protection. Although it does not completely protect the body from the sun, SunPill is reported to aid in the body’s defense when taken every day in conjunction with the application of sunscreen products.

As the danger of skin cancer has grown, the consumer has taken a growing interest in sunscreen and sun care products. Take a pill, become bronze. Apply sunscreen lotion, ward off the injury of a shark bite. Global warming has continually increased the sun’s strength, and so too must consumers increase their mode of protection. With so many sunscreen products and sun care products out there; however, the competition is stiff. So expect new sun products to be anything but boring.

-Katie Schaefer, C&T Magazine

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