Naturex Launches Line of Eco-friendly Botanical Oils for Skin and Hair

At in-cosmetics Asia, Naturex launched a line of 13 botanical oils that match sensorial and efficacy properties with social and environmental responsibility. NAT oleis is protected from oxidation with the company's OleiProtect, which aims to preserve the properties of the oils and improve shelf-life.

The oils have been selected for their sensorial profile and their composition in actives, backed by strong scientific studies and literature. They include: apricot, argan, baobab, buriti, camelina, camellia, chia, cranberry, marula, moringa, sacha inchi, tsubaki and ungurahui oils. The oils are available in several grades to comply with all formulation needs, match specifications and offer greater convenience and ease of use for R&D teams. All of the oils are cold-pressed, without the use of any solvent.

Ungurahui oil, for example, has a higher concentration of oeic acid than olive oil. It also contains high levels of vitamins, lipids and tocopherols. While it traditionally has been used to prevent hair loss, it is suitable for both skin and hair care.  In another example, tsubacki oil, harvested from the Camellia japonica tree, provides protection against dryness for both skin and hair. The cold-pressed cranberry oil maintains its high content in tocotrienols, antioxidants that are particularly beneficial to mature skin.

To create the line, the company's agronomic experts work closely with local growers, implementing strict control processes and careful documentation to ensure high traceability of crops. “We have developed strong partnerships in order to preserve and encourage biodiversity and guarantee fair wages to local populations through their own organizations,” said Stéphanie Puel, personal care business unit director for the company. To formalize its commitment, the company will be donating 1% of the sales generated by its NAT oleis range back to the planet and communities where the botanical oils are sourced.

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