Novachem Uses Hydrating Ingredient for Multiple Formulas


Hydraskin (INCI: Not Provided) is natural cosmetic active rich in GABA (γ-aminobutiric) and free amino acids from yeast, obtained through biotechnology, which is now used in demo formulas.

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According to the company, the yeasts utilized to derive this ingredient are also used to produce an emblematic Argentinian wine. The natural components of the yeast are said to act in synergy to promote instant and long lasting hydration and osmoprotection in the skin.

The active is useful for cosmetic and dermocosmetic formulations, as Novachem demonstrated in a variety of products. The active showed hydrating effects five minutes after application in a hand balm. In skin cream, the ingredient reportedly prolonged hydration and maintained the natural moisturizing factors in skin for approximately 72 hr.

For facial masks, the ingredient hydrated deeply in the skin overnight. Finally, the ingredient proved to be useful in a deep hydration serum for a more concentrated hydrating treatment.

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