Estée Lauder Utilizes Hyaluronic Acid in Antiaging Line

Estée Lauder seeks to create and dominate a new corner of the antiaging skin care market with the launch of the Time Zone line. The company claims to have created an innovative way to fight aging with its Tri-Hyaluronic Acid Complex, said to change the way skin behaves in as little as four weeks.

The claims are based on the company’s five-year, quantitative age measurement study that examined premature skin aging on women ages 20-70. The study monitored 77 “aging markers” that allowed the company to identify common factors as well as develop new methods of treatment and prevention. The company's “triple cocktail of hyaluronic acids” complex comprises high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid fragments and anti-hyaluronidase technology. The complex is said to replenish moisture while rebuilding and sustaining the skins natural hyaluronic acid levels.

According to the company, the key is to “trick” the skin into producing more natural hyaluronic acid, thus filling in existing lines and preventing new ones. These factors, combined with the company's antiaging hydrolyzed rice extract are the elements the company claims create an environment that allows skin to react differently to normal aging factors. The line is said to take ten years off in four weeks.

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