Seppic Introduces Emollient Ranges by the Double

Seppic unveiled Emosmart and Emogreen alkane oil ranges readily biodegradable at in-cosmetics Paris.

The inert chemical structure of Emosmart and Emogreen make both ranges applicable in skin care, hair care, make-up, sun care and cleansing. They are rich in stressful molecules and can be formulated in extreme conditions such as in formulations with high or low pH. Compatible with any types of oils, the two ranges include a wide sensory palette for textures.

The Emogreen range is of renewable plant origin. This range is an alternative to silicone oils for consumers looking into naturalness and environmental friendliness. The range consists of:

  • Emogreen L15 (INCI: C15-19 Alkane) and
  • Emogreen L19 (INCI: C15-19 Alkane).

The Emosmart range, which is from synthetic origin consists of:

  • Emosmart L15 (INCI: C13-15 Alkane),
  • Emosmart L19 (INCI: C15-19 Alkane),
  • Emosmart V21 (INCI: C18-21 Alkane) and
  • Emosmart C28 (INCI: C21-28 Alkane).

“Emogreen and Emosmart are ideal partners to create more sustainable beauty care products with an outstanding sensory experience,” said Sabrina Mizaël, emollients & emulsifiers product manager at SEPPIC.

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