Seppic Launches Natural and Biodegradable Solubilizer

Seppic has launched a 100% natural and sustainable solubilizer derived from sugar and castor seeds. Sepiclear G7 (INCI: Heptyl Glucoside) is a concentrated non-ionic surfactant that is readily biodegradable, obtained in compliance with the 12 green chemistry principles. The source of the product (sugar and castor seeds) is of 100% vegetal origin, as certified by the Association Chimie du Végétal.

The ingredient solubilizes lipophilic compounds, notably essential oils, perfumes and vitamin E, in aqueous media. Unlike other natural solubilizers, it does not produce foam, which is a fundamental point in formulating cosmetic products such as toners, toiletries and aqueous gels.

Being a liquid and cold processable, the solubilizer is easy to use and energy-efficient.

The product won the Pierre Potier prize, awarded in recognition of innovation in sustainable chemistry. 

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