Multi-benefit Polymer for Color, Skin and Sun Care


Lubrizol Corporation announced the launch of Avalure Flex-6 Polymer (INCI: Polyurethane-62 (and) Trideceth-6), which has a range of pigment dispersion capabilities. This new technology was designed for better hiding power and wear in makeup, in addition to providing more uniform coverage, protection and water resistance in sun care and daily skin care products.

Among other advantages, Avalure Flex-6 Polymer has a consistent thickening efficiency across a wide pH range of 3-10. It is also compatible with high levels of metal oxide pigments and is transfer-resistant and water-resistant in color cosmetic applications.

The ingredient acts as a film-former at 1% w/w use level, allowing more uniform coverage, and provides rheology modification.

With long-lasting effects, Avalure Flex-6 Polymer has a positive impact on emulsion sensory characteristics, leaving skin feeling soft and powdery with a silicone-like after feel.

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