Symrise and Probi are Collaborating on Probiotic Ingredients for Cosmetics


Symrise is teaming up with Swedish bioengineering company Probi on probiotic-based cosmetic ingredients.

Researchers from both companies are working together to develop cosmetic ingredients for topical applications, suitable for particularly sensitive and dry skin.

Probi specializes in probiotic health products, and possesses an expansive database of bacterial strains. Symrise brings its experience in manufacturing cosmetic raw materials with functional benefits to the partnership, along with years of expertise in producing spray-drive products for use in food and as cosmetic raw materials.

“In our joint project, Probi brings extensive know-how about development and production of probiotic bacteria as well as a library of unique bacterial strains, and Symrise adds the expertise of its cellular, molecular and micro-biologists as well as cosmetic formulation know-how,” said Gerhard Schmaus, vice president, global innovation cosmetic ingredients at Symrise. “We are convinced that this interdisciplinary collaboration will result in innovative cosmetic ingredients with many benefits, especially for sensitive skin.”

Currently, Probi’s Kerstin Holmgren, Ph.D., and Niklas Larson, Ph.D., are working with Gerhard Schmaus, Ph.D., and Dominik Stuhlmann, Ph.D., of Symrise are focusing on the bacterial genus lactobacillus. Naturally occurring in dairy products, plants, the gastrointestinal system and on the skin of humans and animals, the researchers aim to develop cosmetics based on lactobacilli for consumers with sensitive and dry skin.

“We have already been able to demonstrate the effect of lactobacilli on human health in numerous studies,” said Kerstin Holmgren. “We are now looking forward to seeing how the application of probiotic-based products affects the skin.”

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