Wesource Launch Illuminates Skin's Autophagy Potential


SEPPIC's Wesource group has illuminated skin's autophagy potential with its latest launch: Sakadikium, a new skin-brightening, anti-pollution and anti-blue light active. The company will showcase the ingredient during in-cosmetics Global, to be held April 17–19, 2018, in Amsterdam.

Derived from a concentrated extract of sugars from the natural rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium or "butterfly ginger"—a plant from Madagascar known locally as Sakarivodambo—the ingredient acts upon the cell's autophagy processes of maintenance and detoxification. 

Skin is continually under stress, which accelerates aging. These stresses can be external pollution such as blue light, smoke or hydrocarbons; or internal stress. Such activities can cause insufficient cellular detoxification and reduce metabolic activity.

The Sakadikium product improves autophagy, acting as a multiprotector when exposed to blue light, UV and pollution. Its detoxification results in brighter skin. In one study, trained evaluators perceived better brightness (+16%) in women exposed to pollution after 28 days of test product versus placebo product use. Self-evaluations showed benefits from the ingredient including more luminous, moisturized, suppler and softer skin, with a more radiant and homogenous complexion.

Virginie Anchartechahar, head of innovation and development of Serdex (SEPPIC group), noted, "In 2016, Yoshinori Ohsumi received a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in Stockholm for his discoveries on mechanisms of autophagy. We explored the autophagy pathway and discovered that Sakadikium protects the lysosomal network. It regulates cellular autophagy, reducing the effects of oxidative stress generated by blue light."

Wesource will be exhibiting at stand H60.

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