Gattefossé Launches Inspiration Tool


Gattefossé plans to launch its Inspiration concept at the 10th Cosmetagora conference later this month.

Designed to showcase new ways to use the company’s ingredients, the tool has three themes for 2018:

  • Move It, aimed to pair with physical activity and consumers who seek good health;
  • Be Fresh, which is inspired by the cold and uses innovative textures to reinvent freshness; and
  • Think Twice, inspired by optical illusions to present the unexpected.

Gattefossé created eight formulations based on Inspiration's themes, including “Coco Sweat,” “Ice, Ice Baby” and the “Liquid Balm,” an antiperspirant powder, day cream and sensorial balm, respectively.

According to the company, the tool is meant to provide a breath of fresh air to the cosmetic industry by awakening creativity and innovation, while the corresponding formulations aim to help brands generate new ideas for future launches.

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