Blue Diamond Launches Pure Oil for Health and Beauty


Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division has introduced 100% pure sweet almond oil (INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil) to the health and beauty care market. The newly launched product enhances a number of cosmetics, personal care products and massage oils.

As consumers become more aware of their health, the demand for cleaner products such as plant-based ingredients, non-GMO and clean labels is on the rise. As such, the company has conducted sterol tests to verify its 100% pure sweet almond oil is not blended.

The company's almond oil can be applied to the face or body for skin hydration and nourishing properties, in addition to maintaining high mono-unsaturated fatty acids with enough polyunsaturated fatty acids for rapid absorption.

“Our sweet almond oil is an essential ingredient to reinforce what premium health and beauty products offer: softer skin, healthier hair and more luxurious cosmetics,” said Jeff Smith, director of marketing for Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division. “It’s extremely versatile—from being the preferred choice of massage professionals in its neat form to the backbone of an [emulsion] in a formulation.” 

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