Lessonia Gets Colorful with Wet Bio Cellulose Sheet Masks


Lessonia is recognizing the growing popularity in sheet masks, specifically among millennials who spread the word on new trends such as cosmetics across social media networks. To catch their eye, the company has launched colored bio cellulose sheet masks, which are available in pink, green and grey/black.

According to Lessonia, bio cellulose is considered the premium material for sheet masks as properties include invisibility, a second skin effect and skin-tight dermal adhesion. In addition, bio cellulose is made of pure and fine fibers of cellulose produced by microorganisms during the fermentation of coconut water. The company incorporates a freeze-drying process to control impurities in the cellulose and destroy microorganisms, omitting the need for preservatives.

The colored sheet masks have a three-year shelf-life, and can be combined with any of Lessonia’s newest serums, each with various cosmetic properties. The serums include:

  • Rose Rejuvenating serum
  • Cucumber Balancing serum
  • Charcoal Pollustop serum
  • Exotic Peeling serum
  • Lemon Radiant serum
  • Ocean Revitalizing serum
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