Grape Seed Extract Proves Useful Against Skin Cancer

Bunch of Grapes

A study has reported that grape seed extracts may prevent skin cancer by boosting the immune system. The University of Alabama conducted a study whereby hairless mice were supplemented with proanthocyanidins extracted from grape seed. Researchers from the university reported that mice given the proanthocyanidins has 65% fewer skin tumors than the mice without the supplements. The university's researchers reported these findings at the 223rd national meeting of the American Chemical Society.

Researchers at the University of Alabama, however, were not the only to report that the extract may play a part in preventing skin cancer. At the meeting, Santosh Katiyar, reported that grape seed extracts reduced tumor levels by 20-30% at levels 0.2 and 0.5 percent. Katiyar supplemented the diet of hairless mice with grape seed proanthocyanidins and exposed them to UVB radiation to induce skin cancer.

In addition to reporting a decrease in the incidence of skin cancer, Katiyar's researchers also reported a reduction in tumor multiplicity by 46 and 65% and a reduction in tumor size by 66 to 78%.

Researchers claimed a reduction in the UVB-induced increase in the cytokine interleukin-10, thought to stimulate the immune system. Conversely,  grape seed extracts were reported to increase the levels  of IL-12, thought to stimulate the immune system.

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