Volatile Siloxane Fluid for Personal Care

Dow Corning has created a volatile alkyl methyl siloxane fluid to enhance personal care applications. Toray FZ-3196 (INCI: Caprylyl methicone) combines compatibility and handling ease with spreadability and cleansing properties, feel and gloss improvement.

The siloxane fluid can be used as a carrier for other ingredients or as a dispersing medium for hydrophobic powders and pigments. Product applications for the ingredient include: skin creams, lotions and gels, suntan lotions, makeup removers, facial cleansers, color cosmetics and hair care products.

"FZ-3196 Fluid provides a unique light and smooth feel, superior cleaning with low residue, and improved gloss and color intensity in lipsticks," said Anja Krause a marketer for Dow Corning Life Sciences. " It also helps to improve the aesthetic appearance of cosmetic products by reducing tackiness and greasy feel of natural oils.

FZ-3196 will be added to the range of volatile silicone fluids offered by Dow Corning. For more information on the ingredient, visit www.dowcorning.com.

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