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Editor's note: The products highlighted in our Formula Focus series are chosen at the editor's discretion and demonstrate key ingredients used by the given supplier to create it.

This Ease Your Mind Serum, from CLR Berlin, features a neurocosmetic that acts on the skin’s immune system to reduce TRPV1-induced and other inflammatory processes. It reduces psychological stress and improves quality of sleep by reducing the production of cortisol systemically, thereby improving the skin through the skin-brain-endocrine feedback loop. 

AnnonaSense CLR (INCI: Annona Cherimola Fruit Extract) is a natural and upcycled ingredient obtained from the edible cherimoya fruit originating from South America. (Click on below image to enlarge it).

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Anonnasense Ease Your Mind SerumCLR Berlin

Procedure: Mix A until uniform. Add B in order and stir. Premix C and add to AB. Directions for use: Shake before use. Apply a few drops and gently massage into skin.

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