Cosmetics & Toiletries Formulary: Sensitive Skin Care and Protection

This collection of prototype formulas includes ideas to soothe and protect sensitive and compromised skin.
This collection of prototype formulas includes ideas to soothe and protect sensitive and compromised skin.

This collection of prototype formulas includes ideas to soothe and protect sensitive and compromised skin. Click on the formula name to access the full formula in our Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference, where you can request samples, or view the full formulas in the October 2022 digital magazine.

The following prototype formulas are offered for your consideration as a basis from which to build your own, and for further testing and validation. The information is listed as originally provided by suppliers; note that in some cases, companies or ingredients may have changed.

Skin Care

Soothing Cream for Sensitive Skin


This soft cream was created for sensitive skin subject to painful or unpleasant sensations.

Skin Care

Rich & Protecting Hand Cream O/W

CLR Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH

Wheat Germ Oil CLR is particularly suitable for skin-protection concepts and the care of sensitive and severely dry skin. Vitamin F Forte nurtures, protects and acts as a skin conditioner. ProBarrier CLR is especially designed for cosmetic formulations that aim to shield the skin against harsh environmental conditions, providing an extra layer of protection and an excellent, light skin feel. Belides ORG is a natural skin-lightening agent, derived from organic daisy flowers (Bellis perennis); it evens pigmentation and makes age spots less visible.

Skin Care

Daily Renewal Sensitive Skin Revitalizing Toner with Phytessence Pink Pomelo EC


This non-drying toner, specially formulated for sensitive skin, provides mild exfoliation, gentle enough for daily use. Arlasilk PLN provides light and silky emollience for a fresh and revitalized skin feel, while Phytessence Pink Pomelo EC, an organic-certified, natural exfoliator, provides mild exfoliation without irritation, even for sensititve skin users. Phytessence Pink Pomelo EC is clinically proven to take days off of the skin cell renewal cycle. Mildness of Phytessence Pink Pomelo EC was assessed for sensitive skin users by a 48 hour patch test.

Skin Care

Skin Repair Cleansing Gel for Sensitive Skin

The Hallstar Company

This cleansing gel for sensitive skin contains Sensolene Care DD and Biochemica Mango Butter Ultra to support moisture retention. Olivem VS Feel gives skin elasticity and hydration. Olivem 460 helps to maintain protective lipids, leaving skin clean and refreshed, never taut or dry.

Skin Care

Soothing Protective Cream

Jojoba Desert (A.C.S) Ltd.

Skin Care

Diaper Lotion Protective Spray

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

This mild and PEG-free sprayable diaper lotion is designed for babies. Pemulen EZ-4U polymeric emulsifier is combined with Glucate DO emulsifier, a vegetable-derived ingredient, to enable efficient emulsion stabilization at pH 5.0-5.8 with suspension of tapioca starch and Acticel 12 microcrystalline cellulose powder, in a simple cold process. Ion-Moist molecular film provides an immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effect thanks to its content of several ingredients from the natural moisturizing factor and Actiphyte Calendula GL for claimed anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits. Schercemol DISD ester imparts a rich feel and substantivity for a durable protection of the skin, without too much tack.

Skin Care

Protecting Hydro Balm

Mibelle Biochemistry

Skin Care

Soothing Hand Cream

Vantage Specialty Ingredients

The luxurious feel and smooth slip for this soothing hand cream is provided by cocoa butter. The excellent cushion effect is produced by tridecyl trimellitate, whereas the smooth application and light touch are provided by neopentyl glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate.

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