Inspired by Clock Genes, Sync your Skin for a Younger, Fresher Look


Introducing a Solution to the Effects of Social Jetlag on the Skin.

Chronogen™ YST biofunctional is one of the first ingredients to be inspired by clock genes. It is designed to provide a cosmetic solution to the deleterious effects of social jetlag on the skin. It introduces an innovative approach to help maintain the proper synchronization of key day and night skin regulators, as well as a modern age-defying solution to help strengthen the skin’s capabilities for protection and self-renewal.

The science behind circadian rhythms and clock genes can be associated with studies of the effect of changing lifestyles and habits that often are responsible for social jetlag. Social jetlag defines the mismatch between the body’s biological clock and sleep patterns. Social jetlag is increasing due to shorter sleeping periods that increasingly are linked to late-night social activities (television, online activities, personal hobbies, etc.). The dermal effects of social jetlag and sleep deprivation are important concerns that demand cosmetic solutions such as Chronogen™ YST.

Download the Chronogen™ YST Biofunctional Overview to find out how our ingredient can help your formula.


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