Ethience Protect: the ultimate 3-levels protection to reinforce compromised skin barrier


Ethience Protect (INCI: Glycerin, Water, Bertholletia Excelsa Seed Extract) is a sustainably and ethically sourced active ingredient extracted from the Amazonian Brazil nut thanks to a powerful partnership set in place with local communities. This new active ingredient targets three levels of the skin barrier function:

  1. it stimulates lipid synthesis and transport to improve the quality of the lipid layer in the stratum corneum;
  2. it stimulates keratinocytes differentiation to renew and strengthen the corneocyte layers in the stratum corneum;
  3. it supports cell cohesion and reinforces the cytoskeleton of keratinocytes in the viable epidermis.

As a result, Ethience Protect efficiently restores barrier function of skins compromised by daily external aggressions such as mask wearing or shaving. Signs irritation such as redness are visibly decreased, and hydration levels are boosted, signs of a repaired skin barrier structure.

To discover more on Ethience Protect mode of action and original sourcing, click here.


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