Formula Anatomy Deciphered—Baby Care

The baby care segment of the personal care market offers a limited variety of products that are mostly focused on cleansing and moisturization. Cleansing is provided through mild, liquid surfactant-based systems in products such as cleansing wipes and mild shampoos, while moisturization is addressed by re-fatting agents that provide a protective coating to skin. Beyond the skin care basics, diaper rash characterized by irritation and inflammation is another common concern, as are yeast infections, typically Candida albicans, followed by skin dermatitis. In addition, since mothers are linked closely with their babies, expectant and new moms tend to use similar products to their babies’.

Key Baby Care Components

It is well-known that baby’s skin is more delicate than mature human skin—especially in newborns, whose skin is still developing and has a higher degree of permeation for skin irritants. Scientific studies related to infant skin and ingredient reactions are minimal and mostly based on studies performed in the 1970s and 1980s. Thus, a cautionary approach is advisable when formulating baby care products, in order to minimize skin irritation.

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