IFF Elevates Beauty with 3 'Up!'cycled Formulations

The Up! line contains three personal care products: Fresh Up! Icy Eye Stick, Cheer Up! Clay Mask Stick and Keep Up! Scalp Mask.
The Up! line contains three personal care products: Fresh Up! Icy Eye Stick, Cheer Up! Clay Mask Stick and Keep Up! Scalp Mask.
Image source: IFF’s Health & Biosciences

Up! is IFF Health & Biosciences' latest formulation collection featuring upcycled ingredients. This line reflects the beauty concepts of sustainable and green science.

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The Up! line contains three personal care product concepts: Fresh Up! Icy Eye Stick; Cheer Up! Clay Mask Stick; and Keep Up! Scalp Mask. The two sticks, in particular, are designed to offer unique sensory experiences and a fuss-free routine for products that are usually applied with the fingertips.

Fresh Up! Icy Eye Stick

Product developers can encourage an energized look in consumers with this fresh-feeling eye contour stick. When applied to the delicate eye contour area, the smooth stick melts upon contact with skin and provides an instant ice-cold effect. It is best applied in the morning to wake, energize and moisturize the face.

Active ingredients in this formulation include:

  • 2% Genencare XL (INCI: Xylitol): Upcycled ingredient from wood; xylitol contributes to cooling and moisturizing skin while supporting the microbiome profile.
  • 1% Genencare OSMS MI (INCI: Myo-inositol): Upcycled certified ingredient from sugar beet; inositol helps to improve skin oxygenation and elasticity.
  • 0.5% Aldavine 5X (INCI: Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate (and) Water (Aqua) (and) Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract (and) Asparagopsis Armata Extract): Helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags.

Cheer Up! Clay Mask Stick

This minimalist and natural mask formula in stick form is designed to energize the skin. Its soft texture also gently melts upon contact with skin without mess, and is easy to apply. The ginger scent and pink color are said to help awaken the skin.

The solid mask features natural inositol to help energize and oxygenate the skin while contributing to improved skin elasticity. Kaolin is used to absorb excess sebum and leave the skin soft.

The main active ingredient in this formulation is 3% Genencare OSMS MI, which as it does in the icy stick, helps to improve skin oxygenation and elasticity.

Keep Up! Scalp Mask

Finally, this pre-shampoo scalp mask cares for both the hair and scalp. Featuring natural betaine to help improve scalp moisture and barrier function, the mask is enriched with coconut and sweet almond oil to nourish the hair and scalp.

The addition of kaolin gives the formulation a soft and creamy texture while also helping to absorb excess sebum.

Active ingredients include:

  • 4% Genencare OSMS BA (INCI: Betaine): This upcycled certified ingredient from sugar beet is for scalp moisturization, protection and hair conditioning effects.
  • Kaolin: This white clay imparts a soft feel and sebum absorption.
  • Coconut oil and sweet almond oil bring essential lipids to protect and repair damaged scalp and hair.

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