Ashland Introduces Men's Grooming Formulation Kit

At SCS Formulate in Coventry, UK, Ashland introduced a formulation collection for men's grooming. The Groom ‘n’ Go formulation kit offers men a comprehensive personal care regimen in less than 30 min.

Ashland’s consumer research within the men’s grooming market suggests that men desire a comprehensive regimen to maintain a healthy look and great hygiene but few want to add the extra time it often takes to look and feel good.

“In developing the Groom ‘n’ Go kit, we address all of these needs in proven formulations optimized for convenience. Examining a number of consumer insights, formulation systems and ingredient technologies, we created formulation concepts that perfectly meet the needs of today’s time- sensitive, fashion-forward men,” noted David Popplewell, global marketing manager for the company.

Formulated with a range of Ashland’s conditioning polymers, styling polymers and specialty ingredients, products in the kit address common personal care requirements, such as leaving scalp feeling clean and light, skin feeling refreshed and moisturized and hair managed and conditioned. All six formulations are developed to maximize convenience for consumers and to support skin and hair care benefits with minimal effort. Among the formulations and product samples are:

• Cleared for Flight, a clear, deep cleansing shampoo with light conditioning to leave hair feeling smooth and clean but not sticky or heavy;
• Takeoff, a 2-in-1, creamy shampoo that leaves a fresh feel by eliminating oil and residue from hair and scalp;
• Altitude for Cruising, a lightweight, moisturizing conditioner for daily use that gives a great post shampoo feel to the hair without a greasy or heavy residue;
• Jet Set Ready, a wax offering wide versatility for creating extreme styles in short hair and for delivering fullness, style, body and volume in longer hair;
• Fresh Start, a rich and creamy body wash with a smooth, dry-feel finish leaving skin refreshed and moisturized; and
• On the Run, a deodorant that effectively protects against wetness and odor while minimizing whiteness and fabric staining.

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