Nivea Expands Its Men's Line in India to Address Oil Control

Oil and hyperpigmentation are said to be two main skin challenges for men in India, according to Nivea India, a brand of Beiersdorf. The company launched Nivea for Men Whitening Oil Control this past month

According to the company, its research indicated that more than 60% of Indian men are concerned about their skin while 40% are concerned about having oily skin. The company first introduced its Nivea for Men Whitening line in May 2007 in India. Its Nivea for Men Whitening Moisturizer reportedly is a best seller in its market share. The company also distributes a similar line to Asian men. The company reportedly first began its Nivea for Men Whitening brand based on studies that men found that women's skin care did not produce adequate results. Also, men were uncomfortable entering female skin care isles in stores.

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