BASF Highlights New Formulation Concepts at in-cosmetics 2014

For its presence at the 2014 in-cosmetics, BASF presented a range of new ingredients and concepts for the beauty and personal care market, with a focus on hair, skin and body care.

First, driving the development of its Care Creations brand, BASF announced a plan to take a more science-based approach to explore consumer needs: the focus is on a validated typology system with which users can define different consumer personalities. Based on this, BASF plans to assist its customers even better in developing brand and product experiences that fulfill consumer needs. The system uses six consumer archetypes as a basis for providing insight into the emotional and functional needs of these consumer groups.

Based on the results of one study carried out for conditioning hair care products, BASF presented a new formulation concept that picks up personality traits and emotional needs of the different consumer archetypes and translates these into conditioning products. In hair care, BASF’s new Ultrahold Power styling polymer targets the “Energetic” archetype, and the polymer provides hold in applications such as hair spray, gel and cream. It also is easy to use and provides a high level of formulation flexibility. And addressing the need for high-performance hair gel, BASF debuted Luvigel Fit Up, a thickener polymer that works to reduce the risk of flaking from extreme styling formulations and broaden the spectrum for hairstyles that are preferred by the “Energetic” archetype. Also, the new Vibracolor Moonlight blue hair dye is characterized by its color intensity and color stability when shampooing, even at low dosage. It introduces a wide range of fashion shades—from very light to intensely dark blue, as well as brown and other dark shades—as well.

In other launches, BASF’s new Cetiol Ultimate was developed to answer the rising market demand for new formulation textures and skin sensations in cosmetic industry. The fast-spreading emollient meets a range of claims from ultra-thin oil-in-water formulations to smooth dry body oils and very light facial foundations. Due to its volatile properties, skin care products with Cetiol Ultimate are easy to apply, absorb quickly and leave a smooth, fresh skin feeling, and the natural-based, volatile hydrocarbon also is readily biodegradable and approved by Ecocert and COSMOS.

Another new option from BASF, Perlaura, is a water extract from the roots of meadow bistort (polygonum bistorta) that participates in the maintenance of the dermo-epidermal junction and dermal capillaries cohesion for a combined optical and biological radiance. The new anti-aging active contributes to restore skin’s homeostasis and integrity.

Radianskin is a pure molecule that works to erase dark spots from the face and hands. It reduces melanogenesis through a mechanism blocking the melanin release by the melanocytes, an alternative to the broadly known inhibition of tyrosinase. Besides unifying the complexion, the active also helps slow down premature phot-aging of the skin by preventing cell damage caused by UVB radiation and reducing the release of inflammatory cytokines. The skin is safely evened and protected from pigmentary disorders within 14 days.

And Slim-Excess, which was developed to help shape face and body contours, uses the red algae hydrolysate with proven efficacy on both face and body reshaping, inspired by studies conducted in the field of obesity. Two compounds that are found in abnormally high concentrations in obese subjects have been targeted: spermine and spermidine. These two compounds take part in many mechanisms in fat metabolism: activation of lipogenesis, inhibition of lipolysis and activation of preadipocyte differentiation. Slim-Excess acts like a molecular trap, blocks these two polyamines and redesigns the face contours within four weeks.

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