Oxiteno Adds Frizz Control and Thickening Agent to Its Portfolio


Oxiteno announced key additions to its portfolio, including a frizz-controlling hair conditioner and a rheology modifier to support transparent formulations.

Oxisense S 0440 (INCI: Not Available) is a hair conditioner reportedly inspired by the diversity of hair types in Brazil. The ingredient helps to control frizz while moisturizing hair and reportedly demonstrates pleasant sensory properties. Compatible with all surfactant classes, it can help to reduce the levels of cationic surfactants and polymers required in a formulation.

Oxiflow S 6800 (INCI: Sorbeth-450 Tristearate (and) Water (aqua) (and) PEG-9 Cocoate (and) PEG-32 Distearate (and) PEG-175 Distearate) is a versatile rheological modifier that contributes to the development of transparent formulations. It is reportedly effective in thickening sulfate-free, salt-free and low active systems.

These additions follow the recent introduction of the Oxismooth line of green emollients, which can serve as silicone replacements.

For more information, contact Oxiteno.

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