Editor's Note: The Fiber of Our Being


Pulling hair out became a reality with this edition of Cosmetics & Toiletries. Not due to looming deadlines (although those played a part), but because there was much more to share in hair care R&D than would fit in the printed magazine; we simply had to pull some out.

Yes, we importantly dedicated major pages of real estate to the hot spots in today’s hair care market. Namely: how to kick-start hair regrowth (see Chajra); hair oils and their multifunctional tricks (see Singh); and testing for texture and sensory appeal (see Varesi). These are core drivers in the growth of the hair market, so they warrant more than just a glossing-over. But there’s more innovation here than meets the eye.

For example, this issue featured an excerpt from my interview with Rolanda Wilkerson, Ph.D., principal scientist at P&G. She explained how the multinational giant worked to improve sensory and efficacy properties in scalp care products. But what we didn't print are the consumer drivers Wilkerson describes, or her hint at the future area Head & Shoulders might explore. Listen to the full podcast now!

Another case in point that’s completely absent from this issue—but absolutely relevant—is a conversation I shared with Erik Schulze zur Wiesche, Ph.D., Henkel’s hair research expert, over whether anti-pollution hair care is real. Our discussion will be rolled out this month, also on our website.

You can expect this trend for exclusive bonus content in our digital formats to continue. That’s because it’s in the very fiber of our being to bring you data and ideas that are critical and relevant to your product development efforts, beyond space constraints. So don’t be fooled into thinking what you see here—which by the way, is fairly voluminous and strong—is all you get. There’s so much more at the root of this story.

~Rachel L. Grabenhofer, Cosmetics & Toiletries Managing Editor

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